Friday, March 25, 2011

Picnic at the Beach

Yesterday was such a beautiful day at the beach and we were under prepared so our plan was to be prepared today and enjoy a full morning at the beach swimming, fishing, and playing.  What do they say about the best laid plans???
They go awry?!?!
It was really windy and a bit cool.  Not ideal weather for swimming and nothing like yesterday but perfect for playing as long as you stayed down wind and didn't get sand in your eye.
Luckily we weren't under prepared and I didn't just bring swim suits but I had Addyson's cover up and Owen's shirt that kept them warm enough from the wind.  We didn't have sand toys but a couple of plastic cups out of Grandpa and Grandma's cabinet worked just fine!!!  Perfect for building a lake and watching it fill up with water from the Gulf!!!
Before I knew it Addyson was over on the blanket relaxing.  It was really cute how she just laid down on her belly so she could rest and watch Owen at the same time!  Such a silly girl!
We had also planned for a picnic at the beach.  I hadn't accounted for all the wind so things were a bit gritty but that didn't stop us from enjoying it!  I tried to keep the kids' hands in bags to a minimum!!!  Man, is it hard to keep sand off of wet hands!!!  I don't know how many times I tried wiping them off before I just gave up! 
Apparently the seagulls thought they were invited to our picnic.  When we sat down there were no seagulls around and within minutes there were tons!!  They must have heard our cooler open!!!  The kids thought it was great and normally I don't mind but I was really afraid of being pooped one while trying to eat and that would have been the end of the picnic for me!
After we ate the kids played a game of soccer on the beach.  There is something about soccer on the beach that looks so fun!  Again, we had to make sure to kick with the wind blowing into us to make sure the sand was taken behind us and not blown up into our eyes.  It made for a long game down the beach.
And then a long walk back with the help of daddy!!!
After I had all of the food put away I let the kids feed the crumbs to the birds.
It amazes me how there can be no birds around or maybe one or two and the minute you throw a piece of bread in the air the birds come from all over and there are 15-20 seagulls around you before you know it.  Man, word travels fast in the feathered world!!
No trip to the beach would be complete without a bit of fishing.  Despite the wind, we were able to cast and dunk a few worms but,
Addyson was the only one that caught anything!!! : )
Even thought we didn't get to swim and bask in the sun like I had hoped, we still have a great morning playing, eating, and fishing!!!

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