Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shopping with Grandpa

Ever since our trip to Hermann Park where Owen watched a kid reel in a HUGE bass and hold it Owen has been asking to go fishing.  He asks several times a day and every time we drive by water he asks if we are going to stop and go fishing.  I told him we would be by lots of water at Grandpa Ken and Grandma Robin's house and we could probably go fishing then.  Well, he wanted to call up Grandpa on the phone and confirm we would go fishing and see if he had "fishing stuff" because all we had for him was a make shift rod, stick with a string tied on the end of it and an empty toilet paper roll on the end of it for a reel.  Grandpa said all of his stuff was old but he would see what he had.
Well Grandpa was working last night when we got into town so his make shift rod had to do during our first trip to the beach.  I'm VERY sad to report that I have NO pictures from that because my camera has died.  : (  Another reason we HAD to go shopping this morning, I wasn't going to make it through the rest of our trip with no camera and no way to capture every cute moment!!!  So, this morning Grandpa took the kids shopping for fishing stuff!!!
Addyson was SO excited to pick out her own princess rod.  She carried it all around the store!!!  I was thankful the guys had gotten her something, they were in charge of the kids while I looked for a camera, often times she gets left out thinking she is too young to enjoy something.  I'll tell you what, she hates to be left out and wants to partake in everything and you could tell she was excited to be a part of this shopping adventure!!!
Owen got his first rod and his first tackle box!!!  All very exciting for this little boy who already, at such a young age, is very obsessed with fishing!!!  He was already to go and told me he was "so excited" to go fishing!!!  After all, he had asked no less than 500 times yesterday during our 6 hour drive if we were going to go fishing soon. I keep asking Brad if he was this bad at this young age.  He can't remember but doesn't think his obsession started until he was older.  Can any of his family members confirm this???  Hopefully we move somewhere where there is a pond or lake close and where he will soon be big enough to walk himself to dunk a few worms when his little heart desires!!!  Now that we have all the important supplies according to Owen's list; rod, tackle box, worms, bobbers, hooks, and little ball things (weights) we are ready to go fishing......FINALLY!!!

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