Friday, March 18, 2011

Snail Party

Spring Break has officially sprung at the Brewster House!!!  As soon as my classes were over yesterday we headed out of town!!!  I could hardly wait!!!  We all (barely) survived the week, which included a call to Brad asking him to come home a day early, and we were ready to reward ourselves with an adventure!!!!  With Ashley's help, while I was at school, Brad and the kids loaded up and we were off to Dallas, TX!
Owen could hardly contain his excitement and asked, more often that not, where we were and where was our hotel.  Due to a couple of new movies and good snacks, we made it the 5 hour drive without any problems.  We got to the hotel at 9:30 and the kids were wound up!  Owen told me he didn't want to sleep, he wanted to go swimming.  At 9:30 at night, haha!!!  I was able to talk him into going in the morning after breakfast and he was okay with that.
We were told the pool was cold so instead of getting in our suits, we decided to go to breakfast and then dip our toes in the pool to see if it was warm enough to swim.  The water was COLD!  Owen dipped one toe in, pulled it out right away, and then said it felt, "great!".  For some reason, we didn't believe him. : )
We headed over to the hot tub and dipped our toes in there where it was much warmer!!!  While sitting there we noticed a couple of snails.  At first, Owen and Addyson didn't want to touch them but they wanted Brad to gather them up and put them all in one place.
Owen said we were having a "snail party" and he assigned each one of us a snail.  I got the "broken" one that didn't come out of its shell.  Poor momma always gets the leftovers. : )  They spent about an hour finding snails and gathering them up.  They eventually got really brave and even picked them up!!!  They had fun trying to feed them leaves, have the walk on the leaves, and carry them around riding on the leaves.  Nature always has a great way of providing entertainment for us and I love how the kids are so eager to learn about things and they are so gentle with the living creatures.
We had lots of fun at our "snail party"!!!!

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