Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stranded and a bit of News

This morning started out as a fun and exciting morning!!!  We met with a realtor and looked at houses in the Woodlands and surrounding neighborhoods!!!  Brad's work made our move official since we've been here so we quickly got to work!!!  I feel like we are up against a time crunch with baby being due at the end of September.  We either need to move to Houston this summer, before baby with enough time to get settled and find a doctor, OR come a couple of months after baby to give us time to enjoy baby and then prepare for our move.  I would prefer the first option so it is time to buckle down and get busy!!!!  We found several great homes and one I'm absolutely in LOVE with!!!  It was a great morning!!!  Stay tuned for more details!!!
Headed home we were already an hour past nap time and I was doing everything I could to keep the kids awake on the ride back to the hotel.  I knew if they fell asleep that would be their nap and due to our BIG plans tonight, I need them to take a late nap but a really good nap!  So, we were on schedule until.....
our car was on "E" and shut down.  Turns out "E" does NOT mean enough!!!  It means completely empty and your car will completely shut down when it reaches that "E" point!  UGH!!!  It was hot and the kids were tired and the roadside assistance said it was going to be an hour wait.
We got the kids out of the car and they were fine being entertained at the side of Hardy Toll Road.  I was a nervous wreck with all of the speeding cars and frustrated, hot, and tired on top of that.  Not a good combination!  All of my highs from finding my dream house were out the window!!!!

As many times as we stop for people on the side of the road, I was SO surprised that no one was stopping for us and our little kids!!!!  Did they think we had just stopped to pick the flowers????
I knew I wasn't going to make it an hour waiting and as we looked around we realized that we weren't too far from an exit.  Brad went jogging to the exit behind us to get gas while I waited with the kids.  This is when Owen melted down because he wanted to go with his daddy but I didn't feel like that was the safe option.  The kids and I stayed behind and it was at that point that a gentleman stopped for me.  He mentioned seeing Brad running which made me think he drove by and then turned around to help.  I was thankful to see someone willing to help.  I was able to call Brad on the phone and found out he found gas and someone offered to give him a ride back to us.  I told the gentleman thanks for stopping and it looked like we had things under control.  Brad made it back with gas and the gentleman that dropped him off waited to make sure gas was the only thing we needed which it turned out to be our only issue!  Thank goodness we didn't have to wait another hour or so for a tow!!!  I am thankful we ran out of gas close to an exit, thankful Brad ran to get gas, thankful for the two guys that stopped to help, and thankful gas was the only thing our car needed!!!  We were all ready for a nap by the time we got to the hotel!!!

I have to throw this in there; when Brad was getting gas, standing at the pump with a gas can and no car, sweating, in his work clothes, and swiping his credit card a guy came up to him and said, "I know this probably isn't a good time but, can you give me some money for gas?"  Um.... YES, it is a bad time and NO I will not give you money!


dave and jenn said...

Oh man! First Joe and Lisa and now you guys?? :( We knew this was a possibility but are still sad to be losing you.

Rincon Family said...

Ambre, I was shocked to read this! So it is offical?? Keep us updated!
*Couldn't believe the gas story either! :)

Aly said...

Oh! I was wondering if there was an update about Brad's job. Now I know. :-( About The Woodlands, I had a friend in high school who lived there and her family loved it! We've since lost track of each other or I would ask where they lived exactly.