Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Telling Friends

Today I decided I was going to share our big news with some of our friends in the MOMS Club.  This was my last specific of group of people I wanted to tell we are expecting our third child before I posted in on facebook and made it public for the world!  First, we went to Rosemary's house for a play date where the kids made candy necklaces and played outside.  I had the kids wear their shirts to share our news!  I'm so glad I made those shirts!!!  It makes it SO easy to tell a group of people our news at once without having to say the same thing over and over again.  It took a minute but one of my friends said, "So you have news to share?"  It took the others off guard, people look at the shirts but don't really read them and understand what they say until someone points it out.  Quickly word spread!  It was so fun!
Tonight we met another group of moms from the MOMS Club at Flying Burrito, a family favorite.  There were 15 of us there and it was SO much fun!!!  My friends were shocked to hear we were expecting!!!
I didn't think my friend Catherine was going to be able to come (she just celebrate a big event in her family earlier that day, they bought a location on College to move their restaurant Kosmos so she had a lot going on) so I told her over the phone our news.  Well she surprised me and was able to come and she brought dessert to celebrate!!!  Turns out we had big news, she had big news, and another mom, Amy, was celebrating Family Day today (she was "given" her kids 4 years ago today) so there was a lot to celebrate!!!!  Look at how the kids gathered around Catherine the minute she got the cake out!!! : )  We had so much fun sharing our news with our friends.  I am SO glad to finally have the news out and no longer have to keep a secret!!!  Now I can act as pregnant and nauseous as I feel and no longer have to hide it!!! : )

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