Friday, March 11, 2011

Where's Sammy?

As usual, Addyson was carrying around Sammy this morning after breakfast.  I don't watch her 100% of the time she is with him unless I see her being a bit rough or I hear him whining.  This morning there were no issues so I went about cleaning up after breakfast.  The next thing I know she is in the living room beside me playing a game with Owen and I start to hear Sam barking.  Sam barking is not unusual!  Lately he is needy for extra treats or needing a drink of water so I didn't pay much attention to it.  A couple of minutes later Sam is still barking and it sounds like it is coming from the back door so I got up to let him out.... he wasn't there so I went back into the living room.  A couple of minutes later Sam is STILL barking!  This time Brad gets up to figure out where he is and why he is barking.  No luck.
So we go to the last person that was seen with Sammy and ask her, "Addyson, where is Sammy?"
Without hesitation he points to her kitchen, walks over, and opens the door.
Tada!  We found Sammy!!!  Poor guy!!!  He was SO excited that we found him and set him free!!!
Run Sammy run!!!  Run while you have a chance and go hide!!!!

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