Saturday, April 2, 2011

15 Weeks

15 Weeks

Size of Baby Brewster: size of a naval orange and all 4 limbs have functional joints

Biggest Challenges:  Feeling like I've been pregnant FOREVER!!  That is the problem with knowing that I was pregnant at 3 weeks instead of 7-78 weeks like with Owen and Addyson.  I think, I'm ONLY 15 weeks along, I feel like I should be over halfway there.  Oh well, at least I'm feeling better now!

Cravings: Sweets!!!  After every meal I need something sweet to eat!!!!  

Aversions: No real aversions.  Just a short fuse.  I try to keep my cool, and I'm getting really good at it, but there are days it is really hard to not get frustrated at the drop of a hat.

Gender:  I say 100% girl... it is it a boy and you are reading this when you are 20, I'm sorry I thought you were a girl but I'm really glad you are a boy!!! : )  It you are a girl, I was right!! : )

Movement:  No movement yet but according to the baby is very active so I know I just need baby to get big enough here in the next week or so and I'll start to feel the little one!

Sleep: I can make it through the night with the help of Unisom.  I get up 3-4 times to go to the bathroom and the Unisom just ensures I fall back to sleep!

What I miss:  Being able to sleep without any aid and not having to go potty 3-4 times a night!

Maternity Clothes:  Still in normal clothes even my jeans!!!  Someone commented that she was shocked I was still in my jeans!!! Yay me!

Weight gain: Total of 5 pound weight gain this pregnancy

Emotions: I get frustrated easily.  I have a short fuse which is a combo of hormones and too much on my plate. I'm hoping this doesn't last too much longer!

Milestones: I had someone ask me when I was due!!!!  She said that I officially looked pregnant (and not just fat!)!!! : )

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