Saturday, April 9, 2011

16 Weeks

16 Weeks

Size of Baby Brewster: size of an avocado and starting to stretch out thanks to all of the muscles that have grown!

Biggest Challenges:  Feeling overwhelmed!!!!  My plate is officially full.  I was really hoping I was going to be able to "sit back and relax" this pregnancy but I should have known better.  The thought of chasing two kids, going to school, having Brad gone a lot, take care of the house, try to SELL the house ALL while being pregnant is sometimes a bit much for me.  I'm trying to stay calm but it isn't always easy.

Cravings: Sweets!!!  Specifically ice cream but I'll take anything sweet!!! 

Aversions: No real aversions.  Just a short fuse.  I try to keep my cool, and I'm getting really good at it, but there are days it is really hard to not get frustrated at the drop of a hat.

Gender:  I say 100% girl!!!

Movement:  I'm trying to convince myself I felt the baby on Friday as I was driving home from dinner but it was probably my seconds digesting!!! : )

Sleep: Still need Unisom's help to get through the night. : (

What I miss:  There have been a couple of nights where I would have loved to have had a beer and relax after a long day.  Or sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful day with a cold beer would be really nice too!!! : )

Maternity Clothes:  Still in normal clothes but we did go shopping tonight for date night and I got some really cute dresses and skirts so I might wear them soon just so I can be cute!!!!

Weight gain: Total of 7 pound weight gain this pregnancy

Emotions: I get frustrated easily.  I have a short fuse which is a combo of hormones and too much on my plate. I'm hoping this doesn't last too much longer!

Milestones: Thursday I had a doctor appointment and got to hear baby's heartbeat which is 160!!!  It is always comforting to hear the heartbeat and be told it sounds healthy and all is well!!  Helps put my mind at ease and give me one less thing to worry about!!  I also survived the busy school week which I did as a single parent and got it all done and kept my cool while doing it!

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