Saturday, April 16, 2011

17 Weeks

17 Weeks

Size of Baby Brewster: size of an onion and the bones are starting to harden!

Biggest Challenges:  Feeling confident everything is ok with this pregnancy.  I often wake up and I'm sleeping on my right side (they recommend pregnant mommas sleep on their left) or on my back so I worry that I've done something wrong.  By 16 weeks I was confident I could feel Addyson move so I thought for sure I'd be feeling this baby by now.  I need to remember every pregnancy is different and odds are everything is ok.  Maybe I need to get a doppler so I can listen to baby at home when I'm worried.  Like I need another thing to worry about these days!

Cravings: Sweets!!!  These days I really crave Dr. Pepper.  I think about it until I get one.  I worry about the caffeine but I also craved it with Addyson and everything is okay with her.  I was thankful with Melissa gave me her caffeine-free Dr. Pepper (non-diet) that you can't find around here!

Aversions: No real aversions.  Just a short fuse

Gender:  I say 100% girl!!!  Especially if you look at the things I craved with Addyson, they are the same for this baby.

Movement:  I really want to be feeling baby move but I just can't say for sure it is baby I feel verses a muscle twitch or something.

Sleep: Still need Unisom's help to get through the night. : (

What I miss: Don't really miss much this week.  Just the normal stuff.

Maternity Clothes:  Half and half.  It thought I'd wear some of my cute clothes from my shopping trip last week but it has been cold so I haven't had a chance to wear the skirts and dresses.  I'm noticing my "normal" shirts are getting a bit short on me so I'm wearing more maternity shirts.

Weight gain: No weight gain this week.

Emotions: I get frustrated easily and I cry at songs, tv shows, and just thinking about things.  The tears don't flow heavily but I am moved to them.

Milestones: Nothing big this week.  A big milestone for me would be remembering to take a weekly shot of my belly.  For some reason, I remember but forget to ask Brad.  One day I'll add a picture to these posts!

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