Monday, April 18, 2011

After Nap

What's the best thing to do after a nap on your birthday???  Head outside with the dogs to play!!!  The weather is beautiful and when the weather is nice, we are outside!!!  There is something about the sunshine that puts a smile on our faces.  If we wake up a bit crabby, it is nothing the warm sun can't take care of!  I need to be more thoughtful about applying sunscreen though.  At times it is a bit breezy so you forget the sun is beating down on you and the kids will come in with pink arms and cheeks.  Oops!!!
The dogs are enjoying this weather too.  I kept praying that Sam would be able to enjoy a bit of sunshine before his last day(s) and he is getting to do that!!!  He loves to lay in the sun, it must feel so good on his old joints!  There are times we are outside and Sam is sound asleep inside and I just let him be.  You'll see why in a minute.
If we are outside, you can bet Skip is outside.  He hears us open the door and he goes running.  If I leave him inside (on accident or on purpose) he kindly sits at the door and barks non-stop to remind us we left him inside.  How nice of him!  The problem with Skip is that he is a wanderer.  He goes down the block to pee on every mailbox and he doesn't look back.  If I forget about him, he'll be 5 doors down and out of sight before I remember to call him back.  Thankfully, he is still "with it" and I don't have to worry about him going into the street and getting hit.
And if I forget to let the doors outside, or leave them inside on purpose, Addyson will go open the door and let them out.  If Sam is peacefully sleeping, she will go and pick him up.  We must ALL be outside!  Poor Sam, this is why I let him be if I can.  I don't want to draw Addyson's attention to him.  She is relentless with him!!  Always picking him up or trying to drag him somewhere.  He gets the brunt of it because he doesn't put up a fight.  I have to really watch her or she might hurt him on accident.
But she LOVES her Sammy!!!  I am told by both of the kids that Skip is Owen's dog and Sam is Addyson's dog.  It does tend to be that way.  Skip likes Owen because he is gentle with him and Owen likes to play with Skip the little that they play together.  Addyson likes Sam because she can have her way with him and Sam probably likes Addyson because she gives him daily attention!!! : )
And together, after naps, we all love to be outside enjoying the fresh air, listening to the birds, and watching for airplanes!!!  I love it when Owen says, "it is a beautiful day outside."  We never grow tired of riding in our cars, drawing with chalk, or pretending to have a farm in the rock garden!!!  And I never grow tired of taking pictures and blogging about it all!!!
Addyson would rather be playing than posing so I'll just have to capture the action shots with her!!!
What a great afternoon for the birthday girl!!!

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