Saturday, April 16, 2011


Brad's home for 2 short days and we have another busy weekend planned!!!  There are SO many things going on in Fayetteville this weekend but we had to pick and choose.  Afterall, in between activities we have to make the final touches on the house!!!  We haven't had a call yet but I told Brad not to worry!!!  GOD has this ALL under control and he knows our house is not ready to show yet.  I have a feeling that once our house is show ready we'll get a call.... maybe Tuesday after the cleaning ladies come!!!!
So our first activity was a MS walk with our friends from the MOMS Club.  One of our dear friend's husband suffers from MS so we joined their BACON Team!!!  Because A Cure is Our Need!!!  It was really cold but we didn't let that stop us.  We layered up, brought blankets, forgot the gloves, and headed out.  Brad even wore one of Owen's hats (he thought it was his hat) to keep his big head warm.
The kids were freezing but hung in there!!  I think our team held the record for number of strollers!!!
We started at the parking lot by Lake Fayetteville and then walked this strip here, up around Veteran's Park, and then back again.  This strip was SO cold.  There were no trees to block the cold breeze coming off the water.  Brrr!!!  The walk that was protected by the trees wasn't so bad.  We could feel the sun shinning and were able to warm out.
It felt great to get out and get moving with my family!!!  I just love when we are able to spend time together and it is even sweeter yet when we are working together for a great cause!!!  Owen is all bundled up here because he was freezing after walking the strip!!!
After the walk they had hot dogs and sides to snack on.  Turns out there were only a couple of us that stayed for it.  There others decided it was better to go to the car and get warmed up!!!!
I'm glad we stayed because Owen won a prize!!!  They handed out tickets in the beginning for door prizes after and Owen's number was called!!!  He went running up and was SO excited.  The guy told me that Owen got the best gift up there, a head lamp for hiking or animal tracking at night!!!  We the weather warms up and we go camping this will come in handy!!!!  (Let me note here that Owen napped with the head lamp this afternoon!!!  So proud of his prize!)
As a follow up to the great morning, the Litrell's hosted a bbq at their house to thank all of their friends for participating!!!  What a great day!!!  We ran from here to another fundraiser, a potluck/silent auction for ICAN at Gulley Park.  What a busy but fun filled day!!!

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