Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Morning

It is SO hard for me to believe that Addyson is already 2.  It seems like just the other day I was in labor for 48 hours waiting to have her!!!  Where has the time gone??? One reason we are not having her big party now is because her birthday totally snuck up on me and I feel terrible about that.  But, I don't think she even noticed there wasn't a big party!  Yesterday was perfect and so was this morning!  It is probably safe to say that, at this age, the party is more for the parents than the kids.
Addyson helped me cook her birthday breakfast and was so excited to be a part of it!  We made banana pancakes with whipped cream and Nammie's scrambled eggs.  Addyson helped mix the pancakes, crack the eggs, and stir the eggs.
 And when it was all done we put candles on her pancakes and sang "Happy Birthday"!
 Again, I had to hold her back from the candles.  A little too close for my comfort!!!
It was the perfect morning for us to celebrate with her as our family of 4.5!!!!
Next we headed to school!  I got her cookies to share with her class at snack time!!!  She was SO excited to bring them in and show her class!!!!  Poor Owen, on the other hand, was super sad.  He didn't have cookies to bring to his class.  I tried to explain that Addyson got to bring them because it was her birthday but that didn't help console him.  It must be hard having a birthday in the summer because then you never get to celebrate with your class.  Brad and I talked about how we need to come up with a special day for Owen, that is the same ever year, where he can bring a treat to share with his class.  Maybe his half birthday or the same day his sister does just to make it easy.  Any suggestions?
 Here is Addyson showing Ms. Sally what she brought!  Her teachers are great and we are so thankful that she is in their class.  They are very loving towards Owen too when he comes and gets her in the afternoon.  He helped us dropped Addyson off this morning and they saw he was upset and they came up with a plan!
 Here is the birthday girl "cheesin" with her cookie at snack time!!! : )
And here is her class enjoying their birthday treat!!!  Notice Owen sitting in the big chair???  Her teachers when and got him so he could share in the birthday celebration with his sister!!!  That helped put a smile on his face and helped put his mommy at ease!!!!  What a great idea!
After school there was a package in the mail from Aunt Wendy and Uncle Andy to be opened!!!  Perfect treat to come home to after a busy morning!!!  I bet this birthday girl takes a great nap!!!!  What a perfect morning for our perfect girl!!!!

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