Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cupcake Creations

Can you tell the theme for Addyson's birthday this year is cupcakes???  Her shirt, her "cake", and now her gift.  I got her the Melissa and Doug Cupcake set and it is awesome and the kids love it!
The set comes with 4 wooden cupcakes, 8 different "flavor" toppers, 4 wooden candles that velcro to the top of the cupcake, 3 icing pens, a cupcake pan, cupcake liners, and an oven mit.
 The kids were excited to pick their flavor, top their cupcake, and add their candle!!!
 It was even more fun once they discovered that they could decorate their cupcakes!!!!
 Making them pretty just like the ones Nammie made!!!!
Once they were all ready, it was time to go cook them.  (ok, a little backwards with regards to how cupcakes are really make but it works)
Once they are all done baking it is time to eat and enjoy and then erase and start all over!!!  Endless hours of baking fun!!!  PS- this is the kitchen set Addyson got for her birthday last year and it continues to be a favorite toy at play time and it is perfect to add little sets to the kitchen for additional imagination play!!!!

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