Sunday, April 17, 2011


Addyson loves "dudakes" and I fell in LOVE with a cupcake "cake" at Rick's!!!  My mom was with me and told me not to order it, she could do it.... and maybe even better!!!
She walked in the door with a platter for the birthday girl!!!!  She was SO excited and dove right into the candy!!!!  I was equally impressed!
 What do you think????  I say this was better than the one at Rick's and better than I could have imagined!!!  Perfect for our birthday girl!!!!  Thanks Nammie!
After a yummy potluck dinner with our friends and playtime outside it was finally time for cupcakes!!!  The kids had been eyeing this platter all through the meal and kept requesting one.  No one ate much, I think they were saving room!!!  We sang "Happy Birthday" and Addyson sang along!  It was really cute!  Then it was time to blow out the candles.  I had to hold her back a bit... she wanted to get up really close so she could make sure to get the job done!
 Happy Birthday Addyson!!! Now it is time to....
 Dig In and enjoy your "dudake"!!!!!
 "Wanna try a bite???"
I'm surprised she is offering it up.  Probably because most of the icing, her favorite part, is gone.
After cake it was time to open presents.  Owen was right there to help!!!  He again reminded her what his gift was before she started to open it.  Such an excited little guy!!!
After each gift was open, Addyson would run it over and show it to my mom.  Funny how I am sometimes forgotten when Nammie is around.  Mom made the gift pile and the kids would run over to open the next.  I love how Owen is right there for each one!!!
He was especially helpful with the "hard to get out" gifts!!!! : )  Thank you to our family and friend for coming.  It was such a special afternoon for our birthday girl!!!!

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