Monday, April 18, 2011

Date with Little Man

A birthday tradition my mom has started with the grandkids is that she takes them out for an afternoon or evening to go shopping for their birthday gift, eat, and do anything else that the birthday kid would like to do.  My mom and Addyson went shopping at Target Addyson insisted on getting another baby (I guess a girl can never have too many), a swimsuit, flip flops, and bubbles for her and Owen.  They had dinner at Flying Burriot and dessert at Chery Berry and by the time I got her she was one happy, full, dirty, and exhausted birthday girl!!!  I should have had my mom take pictures with her iPhone but I forgot to remind her.
I knew Owen was going to be upset when he heard his sister got to go with Nammie and he didn't so I already knew I was going to make the evening special for him.  Maybe we should have just stayed in and I could have taughte him the hard way that life is not fair and at times you have to sit back and watch while others have fun but I didn't figure now was the time to teach that lesson, I didn't have the energy to listen to him cry, and I saw a special opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with my little man and I'm so glad I did!!!  He loves Chick fil a so that is where we went.  We also discovered that he loves honey mustard sauce.  I enjoyed every second of our date and I could tell he did too.
I got to sit and pay attention to all of the cute little things he does.  The little things that often get overlooked because I am chasing after Addyson, taking the dogs potty, wiping someone's face, or who knows what else I do in a day.  We just sat there and enjoyed eachother's company and I just soaked up his grin that was beaming from ear to ear.
I heard Cherry Berry gave moms and tots 5 oz free on Mondays so we went there for dessert and he enjoyed it to the very last drop!!!  We then walked over to Verizon so I could look into a new phone.  It was nice to walk hand in hand across the parking lot and chat along the way.  After that we went to the pet store, again per his request, and looked at all of the animals.  If I didn't think my plate was already too full I probably would have gotten a cat.  I was just in a great mood, enjoying life, and wanting ot save a sweet little kitty that I know the kids would enjoy.  Instead we just looked.  My mom met us there with Addyson and then I took home two tired kids that had had a fun filled day.  I called Brad that night and told him we needed to have one-on-one dates with our kids more often.  I'm so glad Addyson had a special birthday night with her Nammie and that I was able to have a great date night with my little man!!!

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