Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doughnuts with Dad

This morning at the kids' school was Doughnuts with Dad.  I love this time of year when the school has a couple of these activities that involve the parents.  Last year Brad was out of town for it so I went.  This year I made a huge point to try to get him to be home for it.  I kept reminding him so in he could adjust his schedule if something came up he could try to keep that day open.  And, he was able to make it!!  The kids were so excited especially Owen!!  When he brought home the invite from school he told me he was going to tell him daddy not to work that day so he could go.
So if so much prep had been done to make sure Brad would be there AND and invite was sent home from school how did my family end up getting there SO late???? : (  I was SO bummed to hear they got there as all the dad were leaving and only a couple of doughnuts were left.  Last year they had the doughnuts about 8:50 so that's what time I sent them today.  Turns out it started at 8:30 so everyone had time to eat and it wouldn't cut into the daily school routine.
Owen's class was headed outside as they were eating doughnuts so he wanted to leave and go be with his class.  I guess he figures he can eat doughnuts with dad any ol' day!!!  I am so glad Brad was able to take the kids but I am carrying a lot of guilt because I feel responsible that they were late and missed out on the majority of the fun.  Oh well, the kids will remember that their dad was there and ate doughnuts with them and they won't remember they were late and ate alone.... until they go back and read this blog!!! : )

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