Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning

We do Easter in two stages at our house.  First, we wake up and find our Easter Basket that the Easter Bunny left us.  Then, we go to my mom's house for an Easter Egg hunt with the rest of the family.  The other day I went to a Rhea Lana sale (a second hand sale) and I found a few great finds that I thought would be perfect additions to the kids' Easter Baskets.  I try not to go all out since the big deal of Easter in our house is the big egg hunt.
The Easter Bunny hid the baskets around the house and the kids had to find them.  It didn't take Owen long to find his hidden in the toy room.
Addyson didn't find hers, not sure she really knew what we were doing, so she went over to Owen's and helped him unpack his!  With a big of help from daddy and brother she went looking for her basket.
And Owie helped her find it in the dinning room!
Now they both had baskets full of goodies to go through!!!
The Easter Bunny brought daddy flavored pistachio nuts that were purchased at Sam's with the kids so Owen already told daddy that he was getting coconuts for Easter.  So much for the surprise! ; )
The Easter Bunny brought mommy non-alcoholic beer and a gift card to Orange Mango!  Perfect gift for this pregnant momma!!!
We had so much fun hunting for our baskets this morning.  I love how we have a mini family tradition that is followed by a huge family tradition!  It is a nice mix of the old with the new and giving Brad and I a chance to celebrate with just our kids.
Now we have new movies to put in our dvd players in the car and watch on the way over to Nammie's house!  Happy Easter!

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