Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farm Friends

Today was the fun Farm Friend event that the University of Arkansas puts on every year!  It fell on my long school day so I was really afraid we were going to miss it and I was super bummed.  I thought it ended at 5 and I don't get out of lab until 4:30.  Turns out the "school" part was over at 5 but the event went until 7.  Yay!!!  I had Ashley have the kids ready to load up as soon as I got home and we headed out!!!
We made it there just in time, it started to pour after we got inside!  Our first stop was the goats but the load "Maaaaa" used to greet us was not very liked by Addyson.  She started crying and said she wanted to go home so we found something a little smaller and quieter!!!
We spent A LOT of time with the baby chicks!!!  They were so cute and cuddly and not big, loud, and scary!!!!
Owen got really brave and started picking them up.  He was so gentle with them and was very careful.  He would hold it over so Addyson could pet it.  It was really sweet.
Such a big boy!
The Farm event is always a huge hit with our friends so we run into a lot of them while we are there.  This one of the first things we did when we met Ana Maria 2 years ago.  Look at how they have changed!!!
What was interesting to me this year was how reserved Owen was.  The first year we went he had a bit of reservation but last year he ran from animal to animal petting them all and I could hardly keep up.  This year, he preferred to stay back and look from a distance.  Isn't it interesting how they can change so much from year to year.... even day to day!!!
The kids were really brave when it came to the small animals like the bunnies and chicks.  They sought them out and asked to pet them.  Owen had no reservation whatsoever when it came to picking them up.  And when Bubba was holding them they were safe for Addyson to touch!! : )
And as we were petting the rabbits the lights went out!!!  Remember how I said we made it there right before the down pour?!!?!  Turns out there was a pretty bad storm headed our way and we got caught in the dark!!!
Thankfully it didn't last long!!  It didn't stop us from enjoying our evening of farm animals and friends!!!  We ate our beans and cornbread that the event provides for free and then we headed out!!  This is another one of those special events that we'll miss when we move from here!!!

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