Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday with Daddy

Brad got home late last night.  When he travels he doesn't really count the day he is gone and the day he comes home as "being gone" since he is home at some point that day but I count it as "being gone" if the kids don't see him (and he isn't here to help me!!) and that is most of the time.  He has been leaving early in the morning and coming home after the kids are in bed.  While the kids don't see him at night, it is probably for the better because it would be really hard to get them to bed after such excitement.  Instead, they wake up to daddy coming in their room and I hear a giggle come from them that says they are SO happy daddy is home and I just love that sound!!!
This morning we had tickets to see ZooZoo at the Walton Arts Center and I was so happy daddy could come with us!!!  I love when he gets to do fun activities with us but I especially love that he provides an extra lap to sit on!!! : )  Neither kid likes it when the lights go out in a room so at the start of most shows they are a bit scared and want to sit on a lap... mine just isn't big enough anymore.  That's where dad comes in handy!!!  They show was SO fun.  Actors dressed up and acted like different animals with mini skits and it totally kept the kids (and parents) engaged!!!
We were trying to figure out what to do after the show, when Brad is only home a day or two we have to try to squeeze in as much as possible!  He mentioned wanting to get a haircut and Owen is WAY past due so we thought we'd try to make an appointment with David where I get my haircut.  We drove over there and it turned out that David had an appointment that morning.... NEVER happens!!!  He could cut Owen's and Brad's hair in an hour so that gave us plenty of time to run and get lunch.  Plans changed a bit when I decided I REALLY wanted to get my hair done.  See, I'm a bit of a last minute kind of person, especially while in school, and I forget to schedule an appointment ahead of time and with David, I need at least a month's notice which I rarely remember.  So I talked Brad into giving up his appointment and that changed our day!!! : )
We ran and got Loafin' Joe's, I'm totally hooked this pregnancy and could eat those yummy homemade chips every day, and made it back just in time for David to start my hair.  While he worked on me the kids and Brad ate their lunch outside.  Then it was Owen's turn.  Owen is a total creature of habit so he didn't like that he had to sit in a new chair.  When we go to Saloon 125 a different girl usually cuts his hair and her chair is on the other side of the room.  She is no longer there and David was cutting his hair so he needed to sit in David's chair.  He wasn't thrilled at first about this.
But it didn't take him long to get use to the new chair and to David.  He did great!!!!  He sat there SO still and got his hair cut while my hair processed and while Addyson watched.  She'll get lots of time watching how to sit still before our "bald" princess ever needs a haircut!
She kept going over to talk to Bubba and try to get his attention and he would just move his eyes to look at her.  I was impressed he knew not to move his head.  Since he didn't turn his head she didn't think he was looking so she would stand there and call his name over and over again!!!  It was really cute!
And after 2 hours we both left there looking sharp.  And poor Brad, he ended up having to go to Great Clips to get a haircut after all, while the rest of us took a nap.  I think moments like this are a bit frustrating to him because there is NO schedule to our day and things change and morph as we go and he is used to living a very structured, know-what-is-going to happen next kind of life on the road where any changes that are needed are made by him.... not his fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants wife.  Still not completely use to it after 5.5 years but a good sport about it all.  For me, I just love having him home and I think about how much I can do with his help and I sometimes forget he has 24-48 hours to get done everything he needs to.  But, like I always say, by the end of the weekend, it somehow all manages to work out and we all look great by the end of the day!!! : )

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