Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun with Eggs

Brad was gone all week and yesterday was busy so we had one day to do all of our "Easter" activities!  Opa and Nina wanted to be a part of the fun so they asked us to Skype them as we got ready to make our eggs which is why the computer is sitting on the edge of the table.  It worked out great!!!  Oh how I love the internet!!!
First we made Rice Krispy Treat eggs.  They turned out much better than last years.  We tried to make the eggs right after the treats were all mixed together but it was too sticky.  The mixed needed to sit for a few minutes and then it was much easier.  The kids didn't like how it stuck to their hands and was almost impossible to get off so I made most of the eggs as they wrestled getting the first round off their hands!
Then we moved on to dying the eggs.  We got farm fresh eggs from our friends!!!  Here is an egg before the process!
Then the kids got to work!!!  It was important to have more than one egg going at a time.  If there was an untouched egg sitting in the carton Addyson wanted it in her bowl!
Now that Owen is big he can do it all by himself and he is very proud of that!!
Addyson, too, insists on doing it ALL BY HERSELF!!!!
And outside of the splashing, crashing of the eggs into the bowl, she did a great job!
It isn't the neatest project to do in the house with a 2 and 3.5 year old but it sure is a lot of fun!  Brad gets a little antsy with all of the dye everywhere but I try to not worry and hope that the paper we put down catches most of the mess!
I'm not sure the paper could handle the Addyson splash over overload though!!!!
Look at those fingers!!!  I think the skin caught as much dye as the eggs did!!!  Tiny fingers hard at work and having lots of fun getting ready for Easter!
And when all of the eggs were dyed we had to show them off to Opa and Nina and Opa TickTack (my Opa who was at my dad's house for Easter!)
Look at all those colorful eggs!!!  Job well done Brewster Kids!!! : )

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