Saturday, April 9, 2011

Horse Show

Today was the annual horse show at the University of Arkansas' Pauline Whitaker building.  We love going to the show every year.  There is a free part before noon and then a parade of many different breeds that starts at noon. It is $10 a person but we never stay for that since it is around nap time and the kids don't like to sit still that long to make it worth the money.
We go for the free part and get our fill and then head out.  Last year there was a lot going on but not this year.  We just saw this fake horse to pose with that neither kid was a fan of!!!  :)  Last year we went through the barns and saw several outside, not sure why it was so different this year but it was a bit windy so we didn't go looking for them.
When you walk in there was a trick horse in the front performing.  It was cute but I felt bad for the poor horse that had to do trick after trick in this small space.  It was amazing to watch him sit on a bean bag chair, lay down and snuggle with the stuffed bear, and kneel to pray like he is doing in the picture.  Owen got up close for a good look.
Addyson, however, wanted to watch from far back.  Not a huge fan of the big animals up close.  Likes them when there is plenty of distance between her and them.  Now days, when she is scared, she asks to go "home".  It is kind of sad to hear her say,"home.  home.  home" over and over again.  She got her fill of the performing horse and we headed into the arena.
They had a group perform a medieval skit with acting and games.  Not a top of the line performance but fun for the kids to watch and cheer for their favorite horse to win.  After the show, they lined the horses up so the kids could come pet them and ask questions.
This is one thing I love about living in a big university town.  There are so many fun activities to do and a lot of them are kid friendly and free!!!!

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