Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hunting Eggs

Since my mom hosts a HUGE Easter Egg hunt every year I don't take the kids to a lot of the Easter Egg hunts around time.  Our family event is really special and I like to keep it that way so I don't want hunting eggs at several events to be "just another egg hunt".  So the kids hunt eggs at school and then with my family.
Usually we are at a park with eggs EVERYWHERE and we run around like crazy (well the big kids do) pushing or shoving to get the best egg.  This year, ALL the rain we've had put a damper on that plan.  It was raining all weekend and there was 100% chance of rain this morning so my mom called to tell me she was canceling the egg hunt and would just have baskets for the kids.
I was REALLY bummed and I think she could sense that but we couldn't figure out a better plan.  At that moment I was wishing I had gone to the several Easter Egg hunts around town.  Oh well.  Something would work out, it just had to... this was a tradition!!!
So my mom and brother Kellen prepared my mom's house for an Easter Egg hunt!!!  We went over to mom's for breakfast and then after breakfast the kids and men hid in Kellen's room while the Easter Bunny came to visit.  Once he left, the bedroom door was open and the kids were off searching throughout the whole house!  When Owen found something good Addyson tried to get him to give it to her!
Luckily the Easter Bunny brought one of each thing for each kid so no one had to go without!!!  Smart Bunny!
I love how kids are so.... not greedy.  Look, there is an egg here and Owen looks at it and watches as
his little sister comes over and gets it to put in her basket.  My brothers would NEVER do that for me.  They would be pushing me out of the way to get that egg knowing there might be money in there!!!!  I'm glad my kids relax and enjoy the hunt but I know a time will come when they too are pushing each other out of the way!
But for now, they hunted peacefully looking high, low, and behind things to fill their Easter Baskets with goodies.
And then they sat down and went through their loot
"oohhing" and "aahhing" over every little thing.
"Has anyone see the blue whopper egg???"
Then it was the big kids turn!  My mom made it sound like there wouldn't be much for the adults this year and I tried not to be disappointed.  Afterall, I am 32 years old and most people my age DO NOT hunt eggs at Easter time.  But again, I'm a stickler for traditions!!!
So my mom came up with a game sort of like musical chairs.  We walked around the chairs and when the music stopped we got the bag that was on the chair we sat on.  We did this three times so we each got 3 bags full of goodies, each one different.
Then we all went through our bags and made a bag of our own with stuff we didn't want.  I put oranges and some chocolate in mine and kept the good food and gift cards!!!  We then took those bags and put them back on the chairs and walked one more time and got our final goodie bag.
Gina was the lucky one who got Brad's bag.  Funny guy put a pair of Kellen's boxers in the bad.  Gina was a bit shocked to see what was in her bag and the rest of the family, besides Brad and I, were also stunned.  Brad and I just laughed.  Leave it to him to put a spin on the game!
Then it was time to get serious!!!  It was true musical chairs for the final BIG prize.  Now the competition was ON!!!  Not super safe for kids so Troy sat and watched and Brad carried Addyson.  I think he was hoping it would get him the sympathy chair!
No such luck.  Didn't stop Kellen from trying to push him out of the way!!!  When it got down to the final 3 we had to tell the kids to stay back!!! : )
And the final two came down to Ryan and I.  Do you think he would be easy on his pregnant sister like Owen was with his little sister??? No such luck! The music paused so we both sat.  Turned out it was a false alarm.  Thank goodness because I think he would have had it.
Finally the music stopped for good and I had a seat!!!!  Yay for me!!!  Winner of a gift card to Olive Garden!!!!  Yummy!!!!
So despite the rain and threat of a canceled Easter Egg hunt all was well and fun was had by all!!!
We all left with bags full of goodies and bellies full of a yummy breakfast followed by a dessert of chocolate!!!  Now it was time to take this sugar filled kids to church!!!!
Happy Easter from the Zantow Family!!!  Gina, Troy, and Ryan
Happy Easter from the Brewsters!

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