Friday, April 8, 2011

One Last Play Day

Today is the kids last play day together.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful and we could play outside all morning and into the afternoon.  Kids are so innocent.  They causally mention that Carina is moving, hard to not notice with the big moving truck in front of her house, and it doesn't seem to phase them.
Melissa and I however, knew what it meant.  I fought back tears several times that morning just talking about it.  Seeing them move is really sad knowing that our good friends are leaving and the reality is, we'll be lucky if we ever see them again.  Them moving is also a reality for us, we are next.  It makes me face all we have in store over the next several months.
We have a big moving truck in our future and many good byes to family and dear friends.  How are we going to do it???  Right now, I am in denial.  I'll let Carina, Melissa, and Joe be the ones moving and me.  I'll let this be our last play day with them I'll just savor the sweet time we have left in Fayetteville and not worry about our last play day with other friends!
One her way to a bright future!  We'll miss you Carina!!!

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