Sunday, April 3, 2011

Melissa's Get Together

We found out about 2 weeks ago that our dear neighbors Joe, Melissa, and Carina were moving!  Joe got a promotion with Pepsi and their move is happening really quickly!  I thought we'd have a bit of time to plan a going away party/ baby shower for Melissa but we had about 3 days.  The best day to have it was today, the Sunday that I flew in from being gone for 4 days.  Talk about crazy for me!!  Brad and the kids picked me up from the airport, just enough to be a little tease for all of us, and then dropped me off at Noodles to celebrate with the girls.
It was a nice little get together with neighbors and some of the moms from the MOMS club.  5 of the 7 moms were pregnant so there was lots of baby talk going on!!! ; )  It was nice to socialize with some of my favorite ladies without interruption!  That rarely happens!!  It was nice to catch up with Melissa and give her our best wishes for their new adventures ahead.  We are really going to miss her and her family but we are excited for the opportunities that they have.  Melissa's family lives in Texas so I hope when she goes down to visit we can figure out a way to meet up!!!
I mentioned there were 5 pregnant ladies there, did I mention that 4 of us are neighbors?!?!  We joke with people and tell them not to drink the water when they are at our house!!!  When I first found out we were all pregnant I thought it was going to be super fun in our neighbor hood with our little ones growing up together!  Now... things are a bit different with Melissa and I leaving. : (  At least we have enjoyed some of our pregnancy together!  Best wishes to the Fech Family!

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dave and jenn said...

I'm still sad that you guys are leaving too!