Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sammy went missing.  :( I was heart broken that I could let such a thing happen.  Last night we came home from gymnastics and the garage door was open and the house door was open to let Skip go out to go potty.  Sammy was laying in his bed.  We came in, I closed both doors, fed the kids, put them to bed, sat down on the couch to watch Survivor, and thought I heard a dog barking.  It was then, at 9pm, that I realized I hadn't seen Sam since 6:30 when we came home.  I quickly jumped off the couch and went through the whole house 4 times.  No Sam.  I then went outside and walked and walked.  No Sam.  My mom and brother came over to help me search, we searched until 11:30.  No Sam.  I felt TERRIBLE!  How could I let this happen.  I was beating myself up and called Brad.  He reassured me that this wasn't my fault, things like this happen.  But, I still felt terrible!  I tried to sleep that night.  I was so afraid I'd wake up to the sound of coyotes hunting or pouring rain.  I knew if he was outside he didn't survive the night.  It was too cold and too "wild" out there!

I got up at 7,thinking I heard him barking, and looked outside.  Nothing.  The kids and I loaded up in the car and drove around.  Still no Sam.  I cried.  Poor Sam.  I had to be careful though because my crying was upsetting Owen, "Mommy, stop crying.  You are making me sad."  I had to find peace that Sam was ok.  I put up signs, went to school, and just prayed for the best!

At 5pm I got a call!  A lady a little over a mile from my house had Sam!  She saw my signs and called.  Her first questions though were, "Do you feed him?  How much do you feed him?  How often do you feed him?"  She wasn't going to call me but she saw on my sign that he was old and since I put up colored signs he must have been loved.  Sam is almost 17 and skinny.  She thought I was starving him and he was mistreated.  If she only knew that we loved animals at my house... we even save bugs!!!!  I convinced her he was loved and she finally gave me directions to her house!  The kids and I loaded up and went to get him.  We were all so excited and relieved!!!  He is now sleeping on my bed, he hasn't moved.  What an adventure he must have had.  How my blind, 17 year old dog that is wobbly on his legs made it a mile down the road I'll have NO idea.  What matters is he is home safe and sound and we can love on him and not have to worry about him!

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dave and jenn said...

Poor sweet Sam! I was so worried for him too that night!