Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mommy's Trip

I was hoping to write this post of my trip to Montreal with several pictures but I deleted the pictures off of the memory stick before checking to make sure they all downloaded on my computer.  Note to self... make sure ALL of your pictures are accounted for before erasing your memory stick!

No wait, I found the pictures (May 5th).  This is me after a FULL day of travel and making it to my room at midnight.
So in true Brewster style, this past week has been crazy for us!!!  Last week was Spring Break and we found out we officially have to move, Monday Brad left for work, Wednesday night Brad got home late, and Thursday morning I left for Montreal for 4 days! I spent the beginning of the week packing up "extras" in our house to get it ready to show and Brad has spent these past couple of days "fixing" things to get the house ready to show.  Despite the fact that we spend a lot of time apart, we seem to work together and get things done!  I'm so thankful for that!
As I left Thursday, it was weird for me to be the one being dropped off at the airport, kissing everyone goodbye, and watching them leave.  I didn't know if I was excited to be going to the SRCD (society of research in child development) conference or if I was dreading it.  It was an amazing opportunity that was mostly covered by the University and I was thankful for that but I wasn't sure how I would feel leaving my family.  I always complain about needing time to myself and now I actually have it and am dreading it.  Is that weird???
After many travel trials that included delayed flights and wrong turns to the hotel that didn't get me to my room until midnight (I was suppose to get there at 7:30), I was exhausted and thought I would sleep good.  I didn't.  It was lonely.  I ended up having to rely on sleeping pills my whole time there.  Big downside of traveling alone!  The conference was good!  I really enjoyed hearing about all of the research going on right now in child development and getting ideas, I focused on getting ideas for parenting (like parenting multiple children or affects of birth order) instead of school since my "career" path has changed a bit.  I ended up spending more time at the conference than I thought I would and didn't get any sight seeing done.  Probably for the better because sight seeing alone seemed really lonely!
I was thankful for my daily (sometimes twice daily) Skype calls with my kids!  It put a smile on my face!!!  Oh, how I love the internet!!  Once Addyson was doing something really cute and funny so Brad Skyped me so I could see it!!!  I was so thankful for that!
All in all it was a good trip were I learned a lot, had some down time to refresh and recharge, and probably most importantly it gave Brad and I a chance to see what the other does.  I learned that life on the road isn't so glamorous, something I always try to tell him that he has it better to eat hot meals in peace and have someone make his bed and clean his room every day.  I'd rather eat a cold meal with my family than a hot meal alone!  Now I get that!  (I do have to say though that this dinner I had of poutine fries and the smoked meat sandwich that is traditional in Montreal was YUMMY!!!!)
Brad got to see how life is crazy with two kids, two dogs, and a house to maintain!  He saw that when I don't give him my full attention when on the phone it isn't because I don't want to, its because it is impossible to with so much going on!!! : )
It was a nice trip but I'm thankful to be home!  Brad leaves Monday and so we start back with our "typical" week of craziness but it is OUR craziness and I love it!
 So glad to have my arms full of my kids again!!!

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