Saturday, April 9, 2011

Perfect Saturday Morning

For me, a perfect Saturday morning includes my three favorite people; Brad, Owen, and Addyson!  It seems like these days Brad is super busy with work so it is a special treat for him to be home any morning and a really special treat for him to be home on a Saturday morning!!!
It seems like Brad is just home for 2 day stretches and when he is home our weekend is jam packed with activities which I think can be a bit overwhelming for him.  We have several activities planned BUT while he is gone his "honey do" list also grows.  When does one guy fit it all in???  He carefully does it while breaking a sweat and enjoying the sweet moments!
Like our stop at Rick's after the horse show!!!!
My mom had gotten us hooked on Saturday morning visits to Rick's.  Everyone has their "usual" they get and they pretty much stick to it.  Owen always gets a chocolate doughnut (slowly changing to a maple long john filled with cream, mommy's usual) and a sausage roll.  Addyson gets a sausage roll and then I try different doughnuts but she usually eats half of mine, hasn't really liked any other doughnut.
Actually, she'd prefer to just eat sausage roll(s) like this morning!!  She finished hers and asked for another.  I told her no way since the line was out the door.  She then asked daddy who also said "no".  SO the smart girl turned to Nammie who told her "yes, of course".  My mom, who knows how to work the system, went to the coffee counter to get a sausage roll in one minute instead of waiting 10 minutes and Addyson was one happy girl!!!
And no trip to Rick's would be complete without helping mommy eat her homemade whipped cream out of her coffee drink!!!  Yummy!!!!  Such a sweet morning!
Next we headed to Home Depot.  Owen knows this orange building from a mile away!  Him and daddy like to go there and look at the tools!  We needed to get a couple of things for Brad's "honey do" list so we could finish the projects we needed to in order to get the house show ready.
I had SO much fun walking around the store with the kids and picking out a tomato plant to go home and plant in our garden.  I was just savoring every sweet moment with my family and thankful for the special morning we have had.  Walking around the store the kids must have worked up a thirst because they stopped at the water coolers to refresh before heading home!  So when will Brad work on his list... while the kids and I nap!!!  What a great morning!!!

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