Monday, April 11, 2011

Saving Bugs

The weather has been beautiful lately and that means that our doors and windows are open!!!  We love the fresh air!  Open doors and windows means bugs in the house!  Wasps are starting to show around the house now, it is that time of year, so that also means we have wasps in the house!  But, here at the Brewster house we don't kill many things, we save as much as we can.
And I love the fact that the kids have picked this up and do it naturally.  I really try to instill in them that we can look at bugs and animals but it is important to put them back "in their home" when we are done being "sweet" with them.
So when there was a wasp buzzing around the window this morning Owen got all of his bug catching gear and got to work!!!
We caught the wasp, got it safely outside without getting stung, and we quickly called daddy on the phone so Owen could tell him our exciting news!!!  We also caught a mouse this morning in a live trap in our shed that we will go release in an open field in a little bit!  What a busy morning we have had!!!

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