Friday, April 15, 2011

Sick Little Girl

What a week I have had.  This poor momma doesn't know how much more she can take.  Brad got promoted about a month ago and I thought he'd be home more.  Turns out he is gone Monday- Fridays these days.  Why couldn't he have been gone Monday-Friday when life was slow??  Now that life is busy, he is busy.  That's how it goes isn't it???  I'm in the process of getting the house show ready, finishing up my research for school, finishing up my assignments for school, taking care of two kids, finding our lost 17 year old dog, and now my poor princess is sick.  Calgon take me away!
This post should be about poor Addyson but, selfishly it is about me.  How does one person do it all???  Is this why women are naturally better at multi-tasking than guys are???  Because we have to be!!!  How else would we juggle it all and juggle it while adjusting to life's little curve balls??? 
Addyson isn't much of a cuddle unless she is sick.  When she is sick all she wants to do is cuddle.  These pictures are proof since they were taken at different points over a 5 hour period.  So, this multi-tasking momma just sat and cuddled her sick baby and tried not to worry about her ever growing list.  Afterall, at this moment, this is what is most important isn't it?!?!
I have to give a shout out to Owen now.  He did great today!!!  All I could do was sit and hold his sister and he sat quietly and watched his shows and if he needed a snack he was a big boy and got it all by himself!  I am thankful he is at the age he can do a lot of things by himself.  I know he is going to be super helpful when baby comes and that eases my mind a bit!!!  Which is what I needed after quiet moments today where I did a lot of thinking that included me asking myself, "HOW am I going to do this with 3 kids????"  I have to remind myself that I didn't know how I was going to do it with 2 and somehow I get it done and survive... and have fun!!!  And now I have two big helpers, one of which proved himself today! : )
How do you make a sick girl feel better, give a tied mommy some relief, and a give a bored little boy some entertainment????  Have daddy come home!!!!  Yay for daddy making it home tonight!!!!

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