Sunday, April 17, 2011


Since Brad is home today (and gone tomorrow) we are celebrating Addyson's birthday this afternoon with family and a few friends and plan to have a big bash after school (too much going on right now).  While Addyson finished up her nap, Owen and I wrapped her presents.  I had a couple of gifts and let him pick which one he wanted to give her.  He picked the Jessie and Bull's Eye toy "because I like Toy Story".  I reminded him that this was for Addyson and he reminded me that he liked Toy Story.  Guess he's hoping she'll share with him!!!
He wanted to help wrap her gift.  If he could only figure out how to work this sticky tape!!!
 Oh, got it!!!
He was so proud that he wrapped him all by "my self"!!!  Addyson woke up shorty after and he went running in to tell her ALL about it!!!
Look how excited she is to see her loot!!!  He said, "Addyson, I got you a Toy Story toy with Jessie and Bull's Eye!!!!"  I tried to quickly hush him and tell him it was a secret and he said, "No, I have to tell her what it is!!!"  Luckily, she doesn't really know what he is talking about!!!  Secrets at this age are just TOO fun to keep to yourself!!!!

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