Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hotel Fun

Brad is working A LOT these days!  It is no secret that it has been really hard on the kids and I.  Now that school is out for all of us we are able to go with which has been really nice!!!!  It is a nice get away for us.... we leave with a spotless house which stays that way while we are gone and makes it super easy for house showings!!!  It also means no cooking and cleaning for me which is an added bonus these days!!!
Brad is working in a room on the first floor so throughout the day he'll get to come say a quick "Hi" which is nice for the kids and I.  And even better yet is Brad is there to eat dinner with us and then he can help tuck the kids in at night!
While there is lots to do in the Oklahoma City area, we stayed pretty close to our hotel.  We are staying in Bricktown which has a few fun things to do.  I really needed to just rest and not feel the need to run around, dragging the kids to this and to that, and just have some low key fun!  Luckily hotels provide that for us!!!  Like when Addyson woke up before Owen I just turned her loose with a soccer ball in the hallway!!! : )
Taking pictures of mommy taking pictures is also fun for Addyson.... the family's next photographer!
Playing basketball at the hotel is tons of fun until you are hot and sweaty and need a rest in the shade!!!  We usually follow a round of hoops with a dip in the cool pool!!!  That has been a huge perk of staying in a hotel!  We have a pool in our backyard!
Daddy also brought up supplies from his workshop to help entertain the kids!!!  Just tape some chart paper to the door and let the kids go at it with markers!!!
A perk of staying in Bricktown is there is a waterway that runs throughout the whole area!!  Great for feeding ducks and throwing rocks!!!!  I just love that we have had the opportunity to spend time together with simple fun things that are right around our hotel area!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Potty Training

We are in the beginning stage of potty training with Addyson.  She often wakes up with a dry diaper and can stay dry for long periods of time.  The problem is that she can hold it for HOURS and HOURS so it is hard to try to catch her when she needs to go.  The other problem is she is very active so she won't sit long enough and relax to go.  When she does go in the potty we make a big deal about it but it doesn't really phase her.  I'm hopeful she'll be potty trained before baby gets here.  Owen was potty trained by 23 months, she is 25 months.  I'm not too worried about it.  We try to make potty time fun and keep her entertained long enough to sit and relax but it isn't so easy.
And since we are on the road with Brad I thought this might be a good time to bring the potty along and give this a go.  Why???  Well.... because it is not my floors that she'll pee on!! ; )  Is that bad???  Really, hotel room carpets don't have all of the padding to soak up the pee so it is easy for clean up!  So, fingers crossed!
Since she is potty training she is wearing big girl panties that Nammie bought her for her birthday and as a treat for going pee pee in the potty!  Silly girl thinks she has to wear all 3 pairs at one time!!! : )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long Weekend

What we thought would be a boring long weekend has turned into a weekend of fun with family!!!  While we haven't had a chance to rest, the laughs and smiles have been very welcomed!!!
Since we are leaving town tomorrow to head to Oklahoma City for Brad's work, we had our Memorial Day bbq tonight!  The guys did ALL the cooking with the kids while Diane and I caught up.  It was really nice!!  Gary helped the kids shuck the peas they bought at the Farmer's Market.
Brad took August and Addyson shopping for dinner while the rest of us napped.  August wanted to make pizzas and Brad LOVES to cook pizza on the grill!  Brad did great making an event of it for all of the kids to make their own pizza!
The kids had a blast!!  Addyson needed  a bit of supervision as she grabbed a HUGE handful of cheese to put on her pizza and some on neighboring pizzas!!  The big problem.... August doesn't like cheese on his pizza so we had to watch her carefully!!! : )
Timber and her family came over to join us!!  It was nice to have the kids running around and I think it was nice for August to have someone a little closer in age to him so he didn't have to play with babies the whole weekend!! : ) 
Funny story- when shopping for pizzas August had fun bonding with Brad and asked Brad who was his favorite kid.  Brad said he didn't have a favorite then August said, "Do you want to know who my favorite is?  It is Addyson."  Owen has been a bit whinny and I think it is too much for him.  They try to play sports together, they are both huge fans, but Owen wants to play his way like he does with us and August doesn't want to always be the goalie, not that I blame him, so when it is Owen's turn to take the position he doesn't want to he whines about it.  I can see how that can be wearing August out.  Luckily though, the weekend has gone pretty smoothly!!!
Thad brought over baggo and the guys had a blast teaming off and drinking beer while the ladies sat around and talked!
Then Nammie and Diane made milkshakes for everyone!!!  Perfect ending to a great weekend!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebrating Emily

Emily, Aric's fiance, graduated from Vanderbilt the Friday before Kellen graduated from the UofA so we were not able to go watch her walk and celebrate with her.  Because of that, my mom threw her a surprise graduation dinner with her family and ours!
Since graduation was a couple of weeks ago, when she walked in and saw us all and we said, "SURPRISE!!" she had NO idea why we were all there.  She had a look of shock and confusion on her face.  It took her a minute to put it all together.
It is a VERY rare occasion for us ALL to be able to get together so this was a special treat.  Those are Emily's parents in the front with her sisters sitting beside their mom and then our family in the back.
Emily graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering and has been accepted to Emory's medical school!!!  We are SO proud of her!!!
After a yummy Italian dinner we feasted on cake!!!  Does it seem like our family has been eating a lot of cake these days???  Seems like every other blog post has a picture of someone eating on it and half of the time it is a dessert of some kind!!! : )
I think Emily's plans are to be some sort of pediatric doctor!!!   She'll make a great one!!!  I hope we live close enough to her to benefit from her knowledge and kindness that I know she will show all of her patients!
And afterward we went out for a drink (non-alcoholic for me!!) to celebrate!!!  It was fun having our cousin Diane and Gary in town to go out for a drink with us!!  Congrats Emily!!!!

*** Update- Emily was recently accepted to Washington University's (in St. Louis, MO) medical program which is #4 in the country!!!  Yay Emily!!!!

Farmer's Market

 A few things we love about the Fayetteville Farmer's Market
 Listening to all of the local musicians that come play and watching the local belly dancers that perform.
 Eating breakfast from yummy local restaurants or bakeries.
 Hanging out with family and seeing friends!!!
 Showing off our market and square area to our out of town family!!!
And playing in the water... and anything else we can find to get into!!! : )
Those are just a FEW of our favorite things!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fishing Lake Fayetteville

It is the start of a long weekend and we have been lucky to have Brad home all week and he will be home this weekend!!!  We have finally recouped a bit from this past weekend and we wondering what was low key we could do this afternoon/evening.  We came up with a list of things but they all seemed to be inside and most didn't seem that relaxing.
Then Brad came up with the idea to go "dunk a few worms" and we knew that was the right thing to do!!!  Brad always complains that he never gets to go fishing anymore.  I try to remind him that it is not my fault, I do not tell him he can't go!  It is the curse of his job!!!  He is gone SO much these days that the one day he is home we are running around like crazy.  Well we had all of the clean up done and nothing planned for this long weekend so there was no running around to do.  We just had all of the time in the world to kick back as a family!!!  So we loaded up and headed out!!!
"Wait for me guys!!!!"
Owen loves fishing just as much as Brad does... if not more and it is great bonding time for both of them.  It also puts them both in great moods!!!  We really should make more time for fishing!!!
And Addyson seems to love it just as much!!!  Probably having an activity to do with her big brother and dad is fun for her!!!  Lucky her, she has a fishing pole that is all set up (fake fish and all) so she doesn't have to prep her rod!!  She can just get down to business as soon as we get there!!!
It was late in the afternoon when we decided to get out so we didn't want to go far, wanted to spend more time fishing than driving before it got dark, so we headed over to Lake Fayetteville.  It is about a 5 minute drive from the house and they have these great docks to fish off of so we don't have to drag out the boat.  There is plenty of room to walk around and not get in anyone's way and there are some comfy spots for this pregnant momma to sit, relax, and take pictures!
Look how she had to do just like Owen does!!!  : )
I think these two would fish all night long without catching a single thing if I let them!!!  Which, I have to say, we didn't catch a single thing BUT, that didn't stop us from having fun!!!  For us, it is time together and time outside in the fresh air and warm sun!!!  That puts a smile on our face every time!
Addyson doesn't have the patience yet to fish non-stop.  She gets easily bored and is ready for a snack!!!!  While we were sitting here snacking I got a phone call from a cousin that lives in Kansas City that I rarely talk to.  At first I thought something was wrong but she pleasantly surprised me when she asked if her, her husband, and 8 year old son August could come visit.  She informed me they would be here by 9pm!!!  Yikes!!!  Luckily my house was clean from showing it today so all we had to do was run to the store!  So much for a relaxing weekend but it was welcomed guest!!! 
With a change of plans and lack of catching fish we thought it was best to pack up so we could go eat and go to the store!!!  We all left with a little kick in our step and ready for what was in store for the rest of the weekend!
Like this little surprise of seeing a baby wild hog in the middle of one of the busiest intersections in town!!!  We tried to catch it but it was too quick and too scared of us for us to even get close.  Luckily, we saw him cross the busy traffic safely and head into the brush!!!!
And to complete our wonderful evening we stopped by Shake's for a tasty treat!!!  A family favorite!!!
The kids love the free mini baby cones they give out!!!  Not sure how much longer Owen will be happy eating one of those but for now, he eats it all up with a sticky smile on his face!!!
And his little sister is there to help try to clean him up!!!!
For me, I'll enjoy this family time together since it has been a long time since Brad has been home for this period of time!!!!  I hope we have many more fishing trips in our near future!

Feeling Baby

Guess who felt baby move for the first time today......
Big Brother Owen!!!!
When he wakes up from nap he likes to snuggle with me on the couch.  Today, during snuggle time, baby was very active so I told Owen to put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel the baby move and he DID!!!  He looked at me and smiled!  It was super cute!!!  I'm so glad he is big enough to understand what is going on and has the ability to understand and feel the baby moving in my belly!!!  So exciting for the two of us!

PS- He now says I have a baby girl in my belly (for a long time he was saying it was a boy).  When I ask him what we will call the baby he says, "I don't know.  Maybe Addyson."  I try to explain that we already have an Addyson so we need to pick another name and he says, "I'll just call her baby."  That's easy enough!! : )

Stretch N Grow

There is a great program in the area called Stretch N Grow that is put on by a young couple that has a background in athletics.  They meet every Friday and I have been wanting to take the kids for some time now but it seems like our Fridays are always busy!!! 
Today Brad was working from home and needed some quiet time and I heard that Stretch N Grow was meeting at the park instead of the usual meeting spot inside so I jumped on the opportunity to try it out!!!
The beginning is a warm-up period while all of the students trickle in.  They had soccer goals set up and tons of balls out and it didn't take Owen any time at all to find a ball and start dribbling!!!
Look at that form!!!
After the warm-up period he has all of the kids come stand in front of him to do stretches.  The age range is pretty much for 3-5 year olds but I let Addyson participate with Owen..... don't think I could have convinced her otherwise!!!
I was amazed at how well she did following directions!!!  It probably helped having big brother to watch!  She is use to following directions because of gymnastics but I am there beside her helping her along the way.  Today I just stood back (took pictures) and watched and let them do their thing.
Look at them both getting their balance!!!! : )
After a couple of exercises they have a small lesson with the kids about something to do with healthy; eating right, going to the doctor, exercising.  He has the kids sit by him and he talks to them using a paper handout that each kid gets.  Today he talked about going to the doctor and the different kinds of doctors.  It was a really positive experience and I hope to be able to take the kids back!!!!