Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Party at School

Today was the kids' Easter party at school and they were SO excited to go to school with their baskets with eggs and goodies to share!!!  Each kid was suppose to bring 12 eggs stuffed with something so the kids helped me stuff their eggs with Easter gummies last night.
I also signed us up to bring stickers to Addyson's class and grapes to Owen's class.  Addyson just kept staring at her stickers as she walked to class.
She'd pick up her stickers, look at them, put them back, pick them up again, look, but them back and so on.  I'm not sure why she was so impressed with them.  But, I guess that was better than having her try to open every single egg up as she walked to class.  If that was the case, we probably would have never made it to class on time!!
Owen helped me drop off Addyson to class and then we headed to his class.  He went in and sat down and started comparing baskets with all of the kids.  It was so cute to listen to how excited they all were.  I have no idea how the teachers kept them entertained for almost 2 hours before it was their turn to hunt!!!!
I had planned to go get pictures of each kid hunting eggs with their class but I missed Addyson's class.  I was so bummed.  The weather was a bit bad so the teachers couldn't decide if they would stick to their 9:45 hunt time or push it back until after chapel.  I had one tell me she would text me before they hunted and she forgot, I knew she would and I can't blame her!!!  What a crazy morning!  I should have just stayed but I wanted to try to squeeze in a bit of school work.  I was told Addyson was a champion hunter with eggs in both hands and a basket full!!!  She's got that competitive spirit like her brother momma!  While I waited for Owen's class to hunt I took a few pictures in Addyson's class.  Here she is teaching a bible lesson to her friends, she is sitting in the teacher's chair!  How sweet!
She saw me (and the open door) and ran out into the hallway to show me her basket full of goodies!!!
Finally it was Owen's turn to hunt!!!  Look at this cute group of kids patiently listening to directions about how they are to get JUST 12 eggs AND they were patient with us as we all snapped our pictures!
Ready, set, GO!!!!
"I found one!!!"
He did really good and got only 12.  He brought me his basket so we could count together and then he was off to play.
I went back to Addyson's room one more time to get some pictures.  They ordered in pizza today since it was a party day!!!  Yummy!!!  I asked the teachers if the kids had "assigned" seats while they sat at the table and I was told they pretty much always sit in the same spot..... especially Addyson because she has to have a seat in between her and the other kids because she tries to eat their food.  Really??? My daughter is a food thief????  I swear I feed her.  I have NO idea where she puts it all!  It was kind of funny but a bit sad that she has to sit by herself to eat.  I guess it is only ONE chair and it isn't like she has to sit at a table all alone.  Probably better to teach her the rules of eating and not stealing other's food now while she is young.
As soon as we got home they were ready to open their eggs and dig in!!!!  I could hardly slow them down.  To my surprise, I really had to watch what they tried to eat.  Moms sent bubble gum and hard candies (like lemonheads) in the eggs of the 1-2 year old classes.  I was a bit shocked.  Is it just me or do others think this is a bit odd?
Finally, we found a chocolate bunny!!!
And, a chocolate egg!!!!  What a great start to the Easter festivities!!!

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