Saturday, September 10, 2011

1st Away Game

Tonight was our first Razorback away game and we were so glad to hear it was televised!  We were trying to figure out the best place to watch the game when we quickly realized that there is "no place like home"!!!  I'm feeling really light headed today with a lot of contractions so I want to lay low and still enjoy the game.
We stopped and picked up BBQ to bring home and have a picnic style dinner and watch the game!  It was perfect!!  No Hog shirts today for fear of them being smeared in bbq sauce but that didn't stop us for cheering our hearts out!
Hey, kid in the front, sit down!! : )  I think Owen loved having an up-close seat to the action!  He was glued for a huge part of the game!  I just love watching how into it he gets!  Cheering and calling every play!  And then it is cute to watch his little sister cheer with him when he gets super excited!
"Touchdown!!!  GO HOGS!!!"

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