Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st Game Day

Today is the kickoff of College Football Game Day!  The Razorbacks play today so it is like a holiday in our town!!!  Everyone is dressed in their red and white and ready for the big kickoff!!!  Normally we would be heading to a tailgating spot for a full day of fun.... this year, we are doing things a bit differently due to my "condition" : )  I'm 37 weeks pregnant.
Last night I saw red football doughnuts at the store.  I knew the kids would flip for those this morning!!  So we packed them up and took them with us to the Farmer's Market for breakfast.  We ended up running into some friends there which helped make breakfast even more festive!!!  And I'm proud to say that both Razorback outfits were spared from the red icing!!! : )
It was a beautiful morning outside and everyone was in game day mode!  We walked around and got our veggies for the week!  The kids start school on Wednesday so they each picked out a veggie and fruit for their lunch and loved that they could pay for it and pack it in our reusable shopping bags!  I find that they love to eat veggies even more if they were able to buy them!
After wearing them out at the Farmer's Market we went home for an early nap so we could get up and go tailgate for a bit.  This excited (and hot) Razorback fan slept with his football so he was all ready to go when he got up!
They got new pom poms and a football as a season opener gift!!!  They were so excited to call the Hogs!!  We tailgate at Pratt Place Barn and it is so perfect for families!!!  It is a big open field so lots of space for them to run around, lots of people around cheering for the Hogs to help us get in the spirit, and clean bathrooms and tvs inside!!!  We love it!
Here's our little Hog Family!!!
By the end of tailgating I have one dirty, little, happy girl on my hands!  She was having so much fun and loved wearing bubba's hat and was ready for the game.... wasn't sure how I was going to break it to her that just daddy and Owen were going to the game.  Her and I had other plans.... even though I wasn't quit sure what they were at the time.
Owen packed his Razorback hat full of stuff; pom pom, football, and another hat and got his ticket and he was ready to ride the trailer down to the stadium.  Addyson was just as ready!!!!
Where we tailgate, they provide a free ride to and from the game so Addyson and I rode with for fun and to join in the festivities.  She was so excited!
Owen was super excited knowing where he was headed!!!!  He started the Hog Call for the trailer on the way down!  Go Hogs!
And then Addyson and I told Bubba and Daddy bye bye and headed back up.  She was okay with it but started to ask where they were.  I knew I had to come up with something quick and the quickest way to Addyson's heart is...... cream!!!!  So off we headed to Cherry Berry for a girls' evening!
On the way there she kept asking about her daddy and her Owie so I knew I needed more of a distraction so Nammie met us for some ice cream!  It was perfect!
She doesn't even know she is missing out on the game!  We are having so much fun all on our own!!  After our yummy treat we headed over to the new Carter's store for some shopping. She had so much fun picking out dresses.  It was so cute.  I really enjoyed our mommy-daughter date!
And throughout the evening I kept getting text updates and pictures from daddy!  Looks like this little man was in Hog Heaven!!!  Brad said he talked non-stop, cheered his heart out, and was excited about every tackle!!!
Then Brad sent me a quote  from Owen, "Dad, see those Razorbacks? Those razorbacks are going to go get those guys and we are going to win...I just know it!  And we did!!!!  Go Hogs!!!
Addyson and I went to pick the guys up a bit after half time and it was so cute to see Owen walking to the car.  He had a HUGE grin on his face and a bounce in his step and he was so excited to tell us about the game!  He even saved some of his pretzel to bring back and share with Addyson and I!  Seems like both kids had a great day with some one-on-one time!!!  And a great 1st Game Day of the season was had by all!!!

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