Sunday, September 25, 2011

40 and Waiting

So it is official... I'm past due.... I'm now 40 weeks and counting
I should be use to this right?  I should have expected this.  After all, Owen was 7 days late and then I was induced and then Addyson came on her own at 10 days late.  How silly of me to think this baby would have been born "early".... or should I say before its due date.  If baby comes sooner than 7 days late that will be early in my books!  I guess all of the contractions this past week really got my hopes up so when my due date came and I was still pregnant it was really hard for me.  Yesterday was an emotional day.  I cried and I'm not sure why.  I tried to remind myself that baby will come in God's perfect timing and I should just sit back and enjoy my time with Owen and Addyson and be thankful that I have a healthy, growing baby in my belly.  But, as my back aches and it hurts to walk and I can't sleep it is hard to be rational and clear thinking.  Each contraction I get excited and then I quickly get let down as nothing progresses.  Today is better.  I still didn't sleep good but I'm okay with where I am in my pregnancy.  I am past due but it isn't as traumatic as yesterday.... I guess I am at terms with this is how long I carry my healthy babies and for that I am thankful!  So, I sit here with a BIG belly that can't stretch anymore but enjoy each kick, work on nesting, and snuggle up with my other 2 as we all get ready for baby's big arrival!

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