Thursday, September 15, 2011


The kids LOVE bath time!  I do to!  It is a great and easy way to entertain the kids for 30 minutes while being productive!!!  Sometimes I take my computer in the bathroom with me and either blog or we'll Skype my parents!  Might as well kill as many birds with one stone as possible!!!
Both kids approach bath time SO differently.  At a young age Addyson wanted to wash herself and even tried to help me wash Owen's hair.  Owen has never really be interested in washing himself.  He'd rather play and then have me give him a once over right at the very end.  Is this a difference between girls and boys or just these two?
The minute Addyson gets in the tub she puts soap in her hair... and if I'm not watching, she puts LOTS of soap in her hair!  She then gives herself a new hairdo!  It is all fun and games until it takes me forever to wash out all of that soap... not so fun then!  At least she is all smiles until that point!
And part of our bath time routine is that Addyson gets in first because Owen take forever on the potty!  I'm sure he'll kill me later for this picture but today, he insisted that I take a picture of him since I was taking all those pictures of Addyson!  So buddy, I took this one for you!!! : )

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