Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Boy!

We have one HAPPY little boy on our hands along with a very happy little girl, mommy, AND daddy!!!  Daddy is HOME!!!!!!!  After about 4 long weeks in Brazil daddy will be home with us until Monday night (he'll leave early Tuesday morning... none of us will see him).  But, let's not think about that now!  Let's enjoy this long Labor Day weekend and our precious time together!!!!
Brad landed this morning and we got moving.... no rest for the weary!  Poor guy, there is a 2 hour time difference so he was eating later than normal to eat with us and going to bed late but he was a trooper!  Look at those smiles!!!  I have to say that Owen is also smiling because we have leftovers!  Silly guy!  We HAVE to take home a box with us every where we go!  I was eating (and eating) the pizza and Owen told me I had to stop because we had to save some to take home! : )  When he got his take home box he was really proud!
Tonight was First Thursday on the Fayetteville Square so we headed there for fun as a family!  The night was beautiful and the atmosphere was great!  First Thursday is a great place for local artists to display and sell their artwork!  The artwork is everything from paintings to jewelry to baskets and everything in between!  It was also an international music festival so there was a stage set up on the square with different performers doing things from dancing, singing, and playing instruments that are customary in other cultures.  It was so fun!
We had also seen kids walking around with these big paper flowers so when we found out where to make them Owen was excited! I think it was even better that daddy was home to help him make it!  What a great night!!!  And selfishly, I've really enjoyed having an extra set of hands around and arms to snuggle in!!!  Welcome Home Daddy!!!

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