Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bubbles and Birth Plan

Up until this point I haven't talked much about our birth plan for baby #3.  For one, we didn't really have a plan until about 30 weeks since we were waiting to move to Houston so it was hard to plan a birth when we didn't know where we were going to be.  Secondly, our plan this go around is a bit unconventional and while we are comfortable with our decision not everyone else will be.
So why share now?  1) It gives me a chance to write it down for our benefit to look back on later.  2) We are really close to baby's birth so there is less chance for "feedback" from others.  3)  It gives me a chance to show off these fun bubble pictures of the kids!
What does our bath tub full of bubbles have to do with our birth plan?  You'd have to get inside of Brad's head to understand that one!!! : )  Our plan, like with Addyson's birth, is to labor at home.  Unlike our last house with a tiny tub that hurt more to get into and out of before/during/after contrctions, we are hoping this BIG tub will make it easier to get through contractions and that is also another reason we bought the hot tub...lots of space to make it through contractions.  We are hoping that this birth will not last 48.5 hours like Addyson's labor and that baby will come quickly at home!  So, to get our tub "clean" and ready for baby's birth, Brad gave the kids a bubble bath!!!! 
Not sure if you are suppose to use bubbles in a jet tub.... I've heard otherwise... but, to Brad, it sounded like the best way to get a tub and 2 kids clean! : )
As our birth approaches, please keep us in your prayers as we envision and hope for the perfect birth of our newest addition where we can stay at home, baby be born loving into Brad's arms (with the help of our midwife), and that the kids are able to come be a part of the experience soon after baby makes its arrival.

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