Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cowboy Day

Today was Cowboy Day at school!!!  Look at my cute cowgirl and handsome cowboy!!!
I was hopeful baby would come after all my walking in circles yesterday at Partytime Ponies so I had the kids take their outfits off as soon as they got home yesterday and put them by the door so they were ready for whoever got them ready for school.  Turns out it was me! : )  That's ok!  Just another day of enjoying my precious cowkids!
Look at Sheriff Woody!  All ready to see Pastor/Cowboy Larry's horses.  I love how the school has different activities throughout the year that correspond with the letter of the alphabet they are working on that week!  Fun activities the kids look forward to!
I reminded Addyson, before I dropped her off, about how she rode the horseys yesterday and that she was going to see them today and she was excited.  Her teacher told us that she brought carrots for the kids to feed the horses and I knew it was going to be so much fun!  When I picked her up she said, "I no like the horseys.  Horseys scare me."  Her teacher informed me that she held Addyson most of the time.  That silly girl!  It amazes me how she can ride them over and over again without fear, go to sleep, and be scared of them the next day.  As I blog, and she see the pictures of the horses, she is demanding to ride them again and crying that I am not jumping up to take her riding.  Let's say I did jump up and take her....would she ride them?????  Who knows!  I know Owen would!  And he loved Cowboy Day today!  Thanks Sonshine School for a great day!

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