Friday, September 2, 2011

Farmington Fire station

This morning the MOMS Club was going to the Farmington Fire station for a tour.  I hadn't planned on taking the kids since Brad just got home yesterday but he had some work to do so the best thing for the kids and I to do is get out of the house and give him quiet time.  If we are with him Addyson does NOT let him out of her sight!!!  If he gets up to move she is right behind him saying, "I go with you my daddy!"  He can barely put her down to do anything.  I figured a morning with friends and then a nap would be enough time for Brad to get everything done so when the kids woke up he could be there for them 100%.
Before going to the fire station, a couple of us met at Briar Rose bakery for breakfast.  We've never been there but I've heard lots of good things about it.  They did not disappoint!!!  It is SO yummy!!!  Not only is it great food but, it is a great atmosphere!  Look at the cute little door they have for the kids to walk through!  The cuteness didn't stop there!  I wish I would have take more pictures!
After filling our bellies with yummy pastries we headed down the street to the fire station to meet up with all of our friends for the tour.
My kids sat down side-by-side and were ready to listen.  I hadn't planned on sitting on the floor for fear of not being able to get back up but Owen had saved me a spot so I couldn't tell him "No".
I'm glad I sat down and was able to comfort them.  The fireman just kept asking, "Are you scared yet?"  The kids were not initially scared but after being asked over and over again they started to think, "Should I be scared?"  Not the most ideal approach to take with little ones!  They did, however, do something pretty neat.  They let one of the dads dress up in the fireman gear and the kids were able to see a familiar face in the "big scary" outfit and know there was nothing to be afraid of!  Look at little Campbell going right up to her daddy with no fears!
It was SO cute, Addyson was a bit scared and Owen took her hand and told her not to worry.  He was there to protect her!  Such a good big brother!
The fireman took one of the jackets around so the kids could touch it and know there was nothing to be afraid of.  Owen was big and jumped up right away to touch it.  Addyson didn't want to at first but after seeing brother do it she wanted a turn and she was SO proud of herself after she did it.  Her face just lit up!
Then it was time to walk through the firetruck!  Again, Owen took Addyson's hand to guide her to the right spot and to keep her safe!  It was SO sweet to watch the two of them today!
Wow!  Up in the big firetruck!
Then it was time to pose for a picture for mommy.... on NOT!  Addyson is crying "No pictures!"  and Owen is complaining because the sun is in his eyes!  Leave it to kids to remind you that not everything is going to go according to YOUR plan and those ideal shots you envision are just that.... ideal.... and visions..... and rarely play out according to plans!
How about posing here, out of the sun.  Better. Now we just have to work on that cute "cheese" face!!! : )
Here's our group!  What a great group of friends for both the kids and I!!!
After our tour, the firemen handed out stickers and coloring books!  We took them home proudly to show daddy!!!  What a fun morning!

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