Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school (insert sob here).  Both kids were super excited last night as we packed their bags and this morning as we packed their lunches.  Addyson insists on carrying around Owen's backpack.  I need to get her one, she is using her shoulder bag from last year, but, that is SO far on the bottom of my list right now.
Once we got to school she was proud to carry her bag in so I know she is fine in the meantime!  Look how big they are!!!
We got to Addyson's class and she stood outside with a bit of hesitation at first and then went in and handed her teacher her bag.  Big step after just an hour with her teachers yesterday!  Yay, put my heart and mind at ease!!!!
I then tried to get a picture with Ms. Jamie (on her right) and Ms. Merrily with her good friend Amelia from last year looking on however, she was playing shy/hard to get and wouldn't look up.  I was a bit nervous but since she wasn't crying I tried not to worry too much.  We put her bag on the hook and lunch in the bin and I kissed her good-bye and left.  It was hard but I had to know she was going to have a great day!
Next was Owen's turn!  He marched to his class with his toy and book for show-n-tell and walked into his class.  He is shy and doesn't say much... he just takes it all in.  We got a quick picture with Ms. Mina and Ms. Brigitte before we found his seat.
Ms. Mina told him to find a good spot for his book and monkey but not knowing the layout of the room and what you do where made it a bit difficult for him to find what he thought was the perfect spot.  After searching, he thought the bean bag chair would be best!
The other kids were sitting at the table playing puzzles (they were all in a different class last year) and Owen wanted to play since that is what they did last year in his class at the beginning of the day.  Ms. Mina could tell he needed a bit of guidance so she came over and was showing him how to use the scale and that he could take that with him to the table to work on.  I know he is going to have a great day!!!!

After I dropped them off I met some other moms at Rick's for a Boo-hoo/Yahoo! coffee.  There were other moms who dropped off for the first time today (other schools started a week or more ago) and some of the moms dropped off for the first time ever so we all got together for "support".  It was a good way to pass my morning and not worry about my little ones.

At pick-up, I wish I would have had my camera!!!  It was SO cute!  I peaked in and Addyson and Amelia were busy playing babies together!  When I walked in Addyson dropped her baby and ran over to give me a big hug!  Then, Addyson ran over and gave Ms. Merrily a BIG hug and kiss on the cheek!  If you know Addyson, you know those are SUPER hard to get!  As we walked out the door she blew Ms. Jamie a kiss!!!  I KNOW she had a great day!  Owen was super excited to see the two of us pick him up and he was so eager to tell us about his day!
 Part of his first day included this beautiful drawing of our family and the sun!!  The sun is at the top then daddy is the big guy, mommy is the yellow girl beside him, the dog is the far right, the cat in the middle, and Owen is the pink guy.... "I didn't draw Addyson." he tells me matter-of-factly.  Poor Addyson!  Not sure how the cat beat her out in the drawing! ; )

Cheers to a great first day!!!

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