Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game Day @ 39 Weeks

After much back and forth about what we should do for game day a plan fell together out of the blue!  It rained all morning and we couldn't decide if we wanted to try to tailgate when the kids woke up from nap, purchase the game on tv and watch the game at home with friends, go to a friend's home to watch the game, or skip it all together.
We were sitting on the couch and I check Facebook on my phone (which Brad always gives me a hard time about) and saw a friend was giving away 3 tickets!  Score!!!  I was the first to respond and all of a sudden we were headed to the game!  The rain stopped, Addyson got invited over to Isabella's house to play, and we were headed to the game with Owen!  Let me tell you, walking through the thick crowd at 39 weeks pregnant is NO easy task but I was determined to get there and spend time with my boys!  Thankfully are seats were not up top so I didn't have a ton of stairs to climb!
Owen was so excited about going to the game, as usual!  I had fun watching him take in everything and get into it all!!! 
And it was even better that we had some one-on-one time with him.  He ate it up!  He soaked it up!  And he played us for every little thing!!! : )  Can't say I blame him!!!  We ended up with a hot dog, pizza, popcorn, funnel cake, program, and probably would have gotten a football jersey if we would have found one in his size!!!
Here is our little fan, right in the middle of us where he stayed most of the game standing to cheer until his legs got tired!!!  What a great night with the boys!!!  Woo Pig Sooie!!!

PS- we went to pick up Addyson and she had a BLAST!!!  The Dixons did a great job of spoiling her so she didn't even know we were gone!  Next, it is her turn for some one-on-one time!

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