Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Ready

We spent this weekend getting ready for baby.  So much to do and so little time (since we wait until the last minute to do everything!).  It was exciting to start getting things checked off our list and it was neat to see how the kids got into it as well.
We started out the weekend with our first gift for baby.  My cousin Michelle (who I am named after and so is Addyson) has a printing business and made me this cute long sleeve onesie.  I can't wait to put it on baby!!!  I love personalized things!
Then we got the crib set up and filled with everything we will need for the first few days.  Addyson has figured out how to climb up in the crib without anyone's help and without a step stool.  Uh oh... baby is never safe!!  That was one reason we set the crib up, since we co-sleep, was so I had a "safe" place to lay baby while I took a shower or went potty or anything else I might need to do.  Not so "safe" anymore.  On to my next idea.....
Then Owen helped me go through the two bins of clothes and pick out some girl things and some boy things to get us through.  He had so much fun helping!  He told me we were having a boy but that the girl pile needed more.... hmmmm.....mixed signals.  Not sure what to think.
Since this baby is being born at the end of the summer, instead of the beginning like the other two, I pulled out somethings that would work but a lot of it will end up being too summery.  It was so fun to go back through the clothes and find my favorite outfits and remember when the older two wore them.  Awww.... a trip down memory lane.  Made me sad to realize how quickly they grow up and then excited to think about our new baby on its way into our arms!  I didn't get out everything that would work, just a few things to get us through the first week or so and then we can go back and find the right bin after baby is born and go through it again.  I didn't want to wash everything and only need half of it.  So, now the clothes are washed, folded, and waiting in the crib to see which outfits are going to be worn!
This silly little girl wanted to wear every hat she found!  Here is the baby pink and blue hat from the hospital.  She wanted her baby standing right next to her (without a hat) for the picture.  I had to watch my piles as she is sometimes a bit more helpful than I ask for.... such a big helper!
While I was going through the clothes, Brad was in the garage rearranging the car seats and installing baby's seat.  Owen is now in the back and it was a hard sell to get him to agree to go back there.  He had his seat and we didn't want him to feel like he was getting kicked out.  Luckily there is a cup holder right by his new seat and he can reach up and grab the handle on the ceiling which makes him feel extra big.  We took the headrest off the seat where baby will sit so he can see his siblings and the movie screen and then he was a happy guy!
After finding the car seat, under piles in our garage, I washed the cover and got it all ready for baby... to come home OR take its first trip out... depending on where baby is born.  Of course having a baby car seat in the middle of the floor is very tempting to try out!
At first Owen refused because he is "too big" according to him and then he thought he'd give it a try!!  Hard to believe that big boy was once a little, tiny guy that rode in that seat on his way home from the hospital with me beside him telling Brad to slow down even though he was already going 5mph under the speed limit!  Soon, very soon, there will be another tiny peanut filling that seat!
And for 4 hours on Sunday I was having contractions so my next stop was stocking up the fridge.  I honestly thought baby would be coming by the end of the night.  We had planned on Brad taking Addyson for some one-on-one time Sunday anyways so it worked out.  Owen and I headed to the store and he was such a BIG helper!  He pushed the cart for me, got things off the bottom shelves, and picked up things I dropped.  Don't think I could have done it without him.  After our cart was full, we checked out, headed to the car, and were ready to go home and get ready for baby to come..... then we found out my battery had died.  Are you serious?!?!  So a car full of frozen food and Owen in the back with doors that wouldn't open since they were powered by the battery, a sweet worker and some passerbys helped get my car going and by then the contractions had stopped.  Guess baby figured now wasn't the best time to come.  Oh well, gives us some more time to get ready for baby and some more time to spend with Owen and Addyson.  Here's to my 40th week of pregnancy and getting ready for baby!

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