Thursday, September 15, 2011

Icecream & Popcorn

Today we had a busy day of fun.... and some how lots of goodies were involved!!!!
First we went to Maggie Moo's ice cream shop to decorate ice cream cupcakes and cookies.  I thought the kids would be excited... and they were... until Owen realized which ice cream shop we were going to and then he wasn't a fan.  We pulled in and he said, "I don't like that place."  Last time we came here with the MOMS Club they had their cow mascot come out and Owen is NOT a fan of mascots!
After eating his cupcake, he spent time huddled in the corner and I couldn't figure out why... and then I realized.  He was hiding behind the freezer in the corner in case the cow came out.  I had to reassure him over and over and over again that the cow was NOT coming out and then he finally relaxed and had a good time with his friends!
Addyson doesn't remember the cow so she wasn't phased one bit! She happily ate her cupcake and wanted to know if she could eat the sprinkles plain with a spoon!  This girl loves her sweets!  After filling up on dessert it was time to eat lunch!  Thankfully they didn't eat too bad when we got home!  I think they were excited because they had heard what was coming after nap time!
We were heading to the circus with Ashley!!!  I'm so thankful to have her help these days!  If I know Brad is going to be gone, like he was today, I have her come over to help me with the kids.  By the end of the day I'm exhausted and my back is killing me.  With her, I can still stay active with the kids and not hurt myself!
When we got to the circus we found cousin Troy and Aunt Gina!!!  It was so fun!!!  Look at those sweet cousins!
I just love these two in the popcorn pictures!  I'm trying to get them to look and Addyson sees this as her chance to help herself to Troy's popcorn!!!  No worries says Troy, he thinks it is funny!  Sweet kids!
After much waiting, in the cold, the circus finally started!  Addyson wanted to sit in the row in front of us... am I embarrassing her already?!?! : )
Owen was SO excited about seeing the 2 tigers in the cages!!!  Tigers!!!!!
And they had white ones and orange ones!  I think I heard all the kids tell me this over and over and over again!  They were SO excited and it was super cute!
They had a cute little act with a Shetland pony and dogs!  The pony pulled the dogs in on the wagon.  It was really cute!  The kids had fun watching them jump through hoops and ride on the back of the pony.  I was thankful that the circus wasn't full of big animals that I had to sit and worry about their care.  These little guys looked well loved!
Ana Maria and her mommy ended up sitting in front of us so the kids were going back and forth between the rows.... until it was time to sit and get warmed up by the blanket!  I can't believe how cold it was!  I was thankful I had prepared and brought jackets and a blanket!
And for the grand finale the elephants came out! Exciting!!!  Turns out, even though they did not make an announcement, you are NOT allowed to take pictures of the elephants!  Oops!!!  They had one guy running up and down the bleachers yelling at people....
Good thing he didn't see me take this picture of the BIG act (with Owen's back hiding my camera).  Wow!  How does she do that?  Turns out she is only one of two elephants in the US that perform this trick!  Even more exciting! What a fun day of ice cream and popcorn!!!

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