Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Fishing

After my 3am wake up call, Addyson and I slept in until 9!  We woke up and found the guys waiting for us to go fishing!  Part of my wished they had just gone without us.  After all, they were probably up at 6:30 and could have gone and come back before we were even up.
And after dragging around the house and being a bit of a spoiled sport, I finally got dressed and we got out the door.  Once we were outside as a family enjoying this beautiful fall morning I was so happy Addyson and I went!
It is Labor Day, Brad is home, and it is gorgeous outside.  What more could one ask for???
And finally, for Owen, after weeks of asking, he was fishing with his daddy!!!!
For Brad and I it was a trip down memory lane!  Back in our grad school days we would take his boat out here and fish in the mornings before school or on the weekends!  We spent many mornings on Wilson Lake with the dogs!  Sam would bark at each fish we caught and try to jump overboard after them if we threw them back!  It was so good for me to relive some of those great memories and sit there and watch my kids make new memories!
Brad had a spot for everyone with enough distance in between so no one would get a hook in the eye.  Addyson, however, did not want to stand in her spot. she wanted to stand next to her daddy!
Look how sweet they all are!  It is Brad's dream to have little ones that want to fish with him and he gets so excited each time we take them out.  Then, the reality sits in that they are still young and need A LOT of help while fishing so he doesn't get to fish as much as he thinks he is going to get to and it turns out to be a lot of work but I know one day it will all pay off.
Owen is already getting hip to some of the game.  If a fish takes his fake worm he'll go back to the tackle box to get one for daddy to put on!  I love watching him be so big and go pick out the perfect one that will help him catch the perfect fish!
Addyson will not be left out.  She'll go pick out a worm too.  And again, and again, and again! That girl spent more time picking out worms than fishing!
And she was so proud of each one!
After some time of not catching anything Owen turned to bush whacking!  He was fighting the tree!  It is funny because we read a book that Grandma and Grandpa B got him about "Johnny's Fishing Adventure" and it talks about Johnny being young so he gets easily distracted from fishing (as Owen does) until......
daddy catches a fish and then Johnny helps daddy bring the fish in!  That's just what Owen did.  Minutes before he was complaining that he didn't want to get his shoes dirty on the muddy bank and then daddy caught a fish and Owen was SO quick to get in the water to get the fish with his net.  So much for keeping his shoes clean, he was up to his ankles in mud!
He didn't even notice!!!  He was SO proud to have that fish in his net!!!  Whew, so glad daddy was able to catch a fish today so the whole day wasn't a bust!
Look how excited Addyson is!!!  "Oh My!"
After an hour and half of fishing without much luck we thought it was time to move on.  Wilson Lake has a beautiful trail around it that is really easy to "hike" so we headed out to have the kids burn off some energy and to keep soaking up this great weather.  I kept telling Brad we should go too far because I was NOT going to be able to help him carry kids back.  We kept going and going and going and the kids kept running and running and running... I knew we were going down the path of no return but no one would listen... we were having too much fun.  As soon as we turned around Addyson wanted up!  Soon after Owen said his foot was dirty so he wouldn't put his shoe on... even though his shoe was dirty and so was his other foot (I wasn't going to point that out because then both shoes would be off)
And before I knew it Brad was "hiking" back to the car like this with me behind him laughing the whole way!  I hate to say it but I warned him!!!! : )

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