Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Birthday

If you know me well then you know I like to celebrate my birthday for as many days as I possibly can!!!  This year was no different! : )  When Brad was gone for weeks on end, my friend Veronica and I were talking about how we both needed a break and how we should go stay in a hotel for a night!  What better weekend to do that then my birthday weekend!
So, Friday started my birthday celebration!  I went and got my hair done and then met Veronica at our hotel.... just 2 exits from my house but Shhhh!  don't tell the kids!  We relaxed and got ready for a kid free dinner!!!!  After stuffing our bellies at Shogun, while talking and enjoying our food (a rarity) we headed over to the book store.  I looked at books of baby name's since we are NO where close to having a boy's name picked out and need some help with middle names and Veronica got a stack of magazines to look at.  Not the ideal mom's night out but I didn't think many would be impressed if I went out and shook my pregnant belly on the dance floor!! ; )  We'll have to save that kind of fun for after baby!!!  We left there, with me no where closer to having a boy's name, and headed for a late night ice cream run!!!  It was nice to be able to do whatever we wanted but it was weird to be without our kids!  We stayed up until midnight talking and then laid in bed until noon the next day!  That will never happen again in 20 years!! ; )  We spent Saturday shopping, eating, and hanging out before heading back to be with our families!  What a great start to my birthday!
Sunday we had some families over for a backyard bbq!  Not knowing when baby will be here, I wanted to have one last get together with some friends before our lives change and it will take us awhile before we can host again.  I did a potluck so it wouldn't put too much pressure on us and Brad did a great job grilling burgers and setting up the back yard!
All I had to do was sit back and enjoy everyone's company.... AND my mom's yummy cupcakes!  Man, when I sit down my belly looks twice as big!!!
Monday, we had a great afternoon, probably my favorite afternoon of my birthday celebration!
First we went and had belly pictures taken at the mall, those will come in another post.  Ever since I had my first baby I knew that for my (what I think will be) last pregnancy I wanted belly pictures with my other kids touching/kissing my belly!  That is just what I got and I LOVE them!
After pictures we headed to Hu Hot for dinner!  The kids love this place and so do we!  It is so much fun to make your own concoction of meat, noodles, veggies, and sauce and then you get to watch the guys cook it up on the big grill!!!  It is a full event.  We were there well over an hour and didn't even notice!  Since it was my birthday they brought S'mores out to roast at the table!  We had SO much fun coming up with the perfect s'mores!  We used a set of sticks to melt the chocolate to perfection and Owen had the roasting down to a science so our vote was Owen made the best one!  It was such a great night together!  No whining or anything....only smiles and laughs!  I went to bed one happy momma!
Today, on my actual birthday, we spent the morning at a MOMS Club meeting while Brad worked at home.  It was good to see a lot of our friends this morning!  Then I came home and opened my gifts and cards that came in the mail so then the kids wanted to give me their gift.  See the hippo on top, the hippo is seen as a guardian of births so Brad got it for me.  I thought it was sweet that he had looked that up!
And after gifts we had cake/dessert for the 3rd time during my weekend celebration!!! : )  Brad didn't know I had asked my mom to make my favorite cupcakes so he had gotten me a cake for Sunday.  Bless his heart.... so we had cake today for lunch!  Yummy!
To wrap up my big day we went to Powerhouse for dinner!  I was craving their crab rolls and it all hit the spot!!!  We had them make the salad at the table and the kids loved watching that and calling out all of the veggies she was putting in.  Addyson couldn't see so she went and stood on her chair for a better look! : )  After our great evening, I went to play Bunco to wrap up my night!  Thanks to everyone for a great birthday!  Now, if baby will just come that would be the best present!! : )
Speaking of present, want to know what I got/asked for?  Take a look!  I think the kids love it more than I do!  You know your a mom when you ask for a hand held vacuum for your birthday!  When Brad purchased it at the store the lady asked him about the vacuum and he told her it was for his wife's birthday.  She responded, "Oh NO you didn't!!!"  He had to reassure her that I had asked for this and he would bring me back to let her know I was happy with it!!!  Too funny!  Here's to a great birthday as a mommy of 2.5!!! : )

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