Monday, September 26, 2011

New Backpacks

Addyson got her very own backpack!!!!  She was so excited to get it and hasn't put it down since!!!!  After days of carrying around Owen's, sometimes having to fight him for it since it is HIS, she finally has her own to pack, unpack, and carry around.  When I got it this morning to get ready for school she already had it full of toys and books!!! : )  She was ready to go!
While I was ordering Addyson one I saw this red one I thought Owen could use next year when he goes to kindergarten.....a big boy, Razorback backpack.  He took one look at it and I knew that his monkey backpack was history.  There was no way he was not going to use this new backpack!
I wanted to take them to get embroidered before they used them but, again, I knew that would be a fight.  I figured they can use the backpacks this week at school and then Wednesday afternoon I can drop them off to get monogrammed....wish me luck with that one!  While it would have been nice to have new backpacks for the first day of school, now is the perfect time to buy a backpack, they are all on sale!  We got these from Land's End for $10!!!!
I love how she is such a big girl!  Loves to carry her backpack and puts her hands under the straps like big kids do!  She ran into her room and showed her teachers her new backpack!!!!  I love how it is the little things that make them so happy!
After school she napped with her backpack!!!!  She came out, after waking up, with her hair a mess and her backpack on!  Think she likes it?!?! : )
And she is ready for show-n-tell....think Skip likes his new ride???
And then she was all ready for our afternoon of shopping....she even made sure to have a cheese stick in the side pocket for a snack!  Now I'm wondering if I'll ever get it away from her long enough to have it monogrammed!  I'm glad she approves of my choice of style and color!!!

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