Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Open House

Tonight was Open House at the kids' school where we could go meet their teachers and peers and see their new classrooms!  We were super excited.  Confirms that summer is over and the school year is starting!
Brad is out of town so I took Ashely with me to help with the kids and to meet the teachers in case she ever needs to pick them up from school.  It was exciting to walk up with anticipation and see all we had in store for us!
First we went to Addyson's room.  She is in the Frog class with Ms. Merrily and Ms. Jamie.  We quickly found her frog and she was so proud!!!  All was good until.....
it was time to go into her new room.  I think she was a little confused because we saw her teacher from last year first and she gave her a big hug!!! (We have been reading the ABC book her teachers gave her last year and at the end of the book is a picture of the two teachers.  When I ask who they are she says, "they are my friends."  SO sweet!!!)  So for her to be told right after that THIS is her room and teachers, I think she was a bit confused and a bit overwhelmed.  I walked right in so she ran back to Ashley who was outside the room and in a "safe spot" : )  I took her in and handed her over crying and it just about made me cry.  My heart was broken for her and I worried!!!!  But, what was I to do?  It was time to drop Owen off and hope for the best.
Owen is in the Monkey class and he quickly spotted his monkey.  To get this boy to take pictures where he looks at the camera is a bit hard these days... he looks away for some reason.  Not only does he normally look away, he is a bit shy and was overwhelmed by it all.  A lot of his friends from last year are in the other class so he walked into a room full of strangers.
And he is just like me, he cheeks get flushed when he is shy or embarrassed.  When I saw his cheeks get red I felt for him.  He has lots of sweet kids in his class and his teachers, Ms. Mina and Ms. Brigitte seem really nice so I know he'll be in good hands!!!
After dropping the kids off the parents head to the auditorium for a meeting where we learn about the rules and the school year.  When it is all over we go back to pick up the kids.  I was SO happy to peak in and see Addyson happily sitting at the table with her friends, and half of the class was in her class last year so that helps!  It is going to be a great year!

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