Thursday, September 8, 2011

Park Surprise

Now that the pool is closed we have moved our play dates to the park.  Good thing we did this was too cool to swim!  It amazes me how the weather in this area goes from one extreme to the next.... 100 degrees to 60 and I'm sure back up to 90 again.  I love this area but would prefer more of a transition period in between seasons!!!
But no one was complaining!  It was a beautiful morning!  The kids ran and ran!  All the girls wanted to do was swing.  I'm so thankful Owen is such a good big brother and likes to push his sister in a swing!  She could swing for an hour and never get tired!
Owen is now tall enough to reach the little monkey bars at Wilson Park!!!  Look at him go!  He was so proud of himself!  I think the gymnastics is really paying off with his confidence in doing new things!
My sweet friends totally surprised me by bringing cupcakes to the park to celebrate my birthday!!!  We are doing a mini bbq on Sunday to celebrate so I never thought they would go out of their way to do something extra!  It was SO sweet!
We've got a great group of friends!!!!  Every day we are together I dread moving to Houston!  Where will I ever find a support network like the one we have here????
The kids were extra thankful that the mommies wanted to celebrate my birthday!! : )
Me and my sweet little man!
To top off the morning, Ashley knew we were going to the park and her class got canceled so she brought her puppy Ace and met us at the park!!!  It was so fun!!!  The other kids got tired and everyone left and we stayed behind to play fetch with Ace!!!!  We were at the park over 3 hours!  What a perfect morning!!!!
After nap, we went back outside!  I've totaled it up and we spent about 8 hours outside today!!!  So thankful for the break in the weather!  We are enjoying every second of it!!!

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