Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Party Time Ponies

This morning the MOMS Club planned an outing at Personal Ponies where the kids could ride as much as they wanted for one hour for $10.  2 weeks ago I rsvp'd "maybe" saying I'd be there depending on if I was in labor or with baby or not......
Turns out we made it and the kids were excited!!!!  Me, not as excited.  No labor...no baby....exhaustion.... it is getting to me.  My legs started hurting just taking a shower so I was thankful Brad was going with to the ponies to help with the kids.  Then, as I got out of the shower, I heard him on the phone and got the bad news......there was a minor crisis at work he had to take care of so he wouldn't be going with.  Ugh!  But I guess that was better than his other option, driving 4 hours to Oklahoma to take care of it....not with me in this "condition"!!!!
I said there was no way I could take them alone, I was out of breath just thinking about it.  Then, as the kids ran around like crazy monkeys making a mess out of the house and being loud, I knew there was NO way we could stay home and stay sane and Brad for sure would not get any work done.  I knew there would be moms to help me so we loaded up and headed out!
I'm so glad we did!  We arrived at the kids were excited!  They went right to the line and jumped on a horse... I actually think we ended up cutting in line but it was SO crazy I didn't notice until after the horses were moving.  See who is sitting out but so excited to be waving to Owen.... Addyson.  She was terrified even though just 2 weeks ago she was riding, brushing, and feeding ponies.  Funny how quickly they forget.  I was worried but saw she was having just as much fun waving so I tried to just sit back and relax.
After his ride, Owen came over to greet the little pony in the pen by himself.  Again, super cautious in the beginning despite our very recent encounter with ponies.  I couldn't get him to come over and pet the pony.  It didn't help that the pony was a bit mouthy and looked like he was trying to "bite" my fingers.
Then he stuck his head through the fence and Owen wanted NO part of getting close to pet the pony!  Back to the line we went to ride that ponies whose mouth couldn't get close to him!
And while that was going on, all of a sudden I looked over and Addyson was climbing onto a horse!  She had a change of heart and wanted a turn to ride.....but, she wouldn't do it without me holding on.  I wasn't thrilled about the idea of walking around and around in a circle until I realized it was making me have contractions.  Maybe walking in a circle pared with riding bareback on one of the horses would help put me into labor!!! ; )
After a ride with me, Addyson was more comfortable with the horses.  She took a turn riding behind Owen with a strange guy helping her!!!!
And then she took a turn riding with my friend Jenny helping her!!!  Once she got going she was unstoppable!!!  She was always in line wanting to ride the horsey again!  I think she manged to get 5 or 6 rides in in that hour and Owen got 4 or 5.
When the rides were over the kids entertained themselves for another 20 minutes trying to feed the tiny pony in his pen.  It was a great morning and cute to see the kids dressed up in their cowboy/girl gear.  Owen requested that we call him "Woody" all day!  Now they are ready for Cowboy day at school tomorrow!

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